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Best of … pets supplies stores

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 20, 2011
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A list of the best of pet supplies storesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

As a pet owner you know; they’re much more than that hairy little creature that pesters you for yet another walk.

When they become part of the family, it’s perfectly normal for us to want only the best for them, and that means finding the right places to shop.

Even if you enjoy trips to the local warehouse-style pet store with the incessant “clean up on aisle four; and bring a hefty bag; it’s a Rottweiler” ringing in your ears, not to worry. The best pets supplies stores all have something for you too.


Elder pet care supplies

A list of the best of pet supplies stores

Taking care of our older family members; you know, like Grandma, Grandpa or Old Yeller, requires some special attention. For the Grandfolks, a TV remote with the volume cranked up to rock concert proportions will usually do the trick. For older dogs, cats and other household pets, a little boost to help with the joints and muscles is in order. If you’re looking for simplicity and some money savings along the way, an online option is your pet supplies store.Lots of them have been at the mail/online pet supply order biz for nearly 60 years and have this thing down pat.

PipSqueak Productions

Custom pet art

A list of the best of pet supplies stores

Sharing the enjoyment you get from your pets on special occasions is a great way to let someone special know you’re thinking of them. Artist Mary Badenhop decided 25 years ago she was going to provide just such an outlet for pet lovers everywhere. The result is PipSqueak Productions, and a host of beautiful cards and gifts featuring animals of all shapes and sizes. She’ll even do customized work showcasing your particular one and only, how cool is that?

In the Company of Dogs

Things for them, things for you

There are just some stores that really “get” dogs and dog people. And for me, that store in In the Company of Dogs. Sure, it’s right there in their name. But it’s also in the products they sell, from toys dogs really like to play with to treats that both tempt them AND keep them healthy.

They also understand dog people, and offer a full line of clothing, home decor and gifts for dog lovers, trainers, and breed fans.

Pet Supplies 4 Less

Supplies for kitty

A list of the best of pet supplies stores

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand cats enjoy their down time. Finding the perfect place to kick back is sort of what cats do, so why not provide your feline a bed with a view? And since saving money is always a good idea, Pet Supplies 4 Less bears looking into. Of course, if the cat knew you only had to pay a pittance she’d probably snub her nose at it, but mums the word.


Accessories, clothing and other supplies

A list of the best of pet supplies stores

Okay; if you simply must adorn your pet with human-like clothing items, can we at least keep it to a minimum? Cherrybrook has all the other accessories you’d expect from a pet supplies store, but a pet bandana is both understated and stylish. Not to mention your dog or cat will get a lot less razzing from the other neighborhood creatures. You wouldn’t send your child off to the playground in a set of knickers, so why subject your pet to the same type of societal torture?


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