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Best Spring Holiday Traditions

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 14, 2011
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Contributed by Missy Nolan, Top 10 Guru

Put your gloves and scarves away! Spring has finally arrived, bringing several of everybody’s favorite holidays with it.

Whether you’re indulging in goodies on Fat Tuesday, hunting for Easter eggs, enjoying a delicious Mother’s Day brunch, or feasting on Passover foods, there is probably at least one spring holiday tradition that you participate in each year.

What’s the best spring holiday tradition? You’ll probably recognize a few of your favorites below, as well as learn about some traditions popular with others.

10. The Easter Bunny

One of the best spring holiday traditions

It’s no secret that kids love to wake up to a room full of presents and treats, whether they come from their parents, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny. The idea of the Easter Bunny began in Germany and later became popular in America. Sending Easter gift baskets to family and friends has become an adult tradition, too, with an emphasis on chocolate in the shape of bunnies and eggs, and spring-colored Easter grass.

9. Easter Egg Hunts

One of the best spring holiday traditions

What kid doesn’t enjoy racing around, hunting for colorful candy-filled eggs? Easter egg hunts are fun for kids of all ages, including adults who still act like kids. Many cities now offer adult Easter egg hunts filled with slips of paper redeemable for stereos, gift cards, and tickets for sporting events. Sorry, jelly beans. You’ve been replaced.

8. Fat Tuesday

One of the best spring holiday traditions

Wondering how you’ll be able to behave yourself for the 40 days of Lent? Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras, is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. This is your last chance to devour large amounts of sweets, chug insane amounts of alcohol, and party like a rock star. Well, at least until Lent ends. Then you can go back to your wild ways whenever you want.

7. Ash Wednesday

One of the best spring holiday traditions

Ash Wednesday is the day after Fat Tuesday. If you see people walking around with dirt on their foreheads, hold your tongue. That dirt is actually ashes smeared in the shape of a cross by a minister. Be nice to your friends or family members today. There’s a good chance they’re either nursing a hangover or upset stomach from too much alcohol and food yesterday.

6. May Day Baskets

One of the best spring holiday traditions

As far as holidays go, May Day is one of the oldest. It’s rumored that folks started celebrating May Day long before Christ was born. Carefully crafted and hung on a neighbor’s doorknob, a May Day basket is a small basket filled with flowers and other goodies. Make sure to brush your teeth before dropping off the basket- if your neighbor catches you hanging one, you are supposed to kiss him!

5. Mother’s Day

One of the best spring holiday traditions

Ask any mother what her favorite holiday is, and she’ll probably smile and respond with Mother’s Day. From crayon-filled sheets of paper to flowers and expensive jewelry, mothers are pampered by their children with Mother’s Day gifts on this special day. Mother’s Day brunches are another popular way to show mom that she’s appreciated.

4. Flags on Memorial Day

One of the best spring holiday traditions

Love your country? Thank a soldier. Love bashing your country? Thank a soldier anyway- the military protects our many rights, one of which is the freedom of speech. American flags are displayed in homes, businesses, and government offices to honor current and veteran members of the military.

3. Margaritas on Cinco de Mayo

One of the best spring holiday traditions

Americans love any excuse to drink, and Cinco de Mayo is one of the biggest parties of the year (after Fat Tuesday, of course). Party decorations, Mexican food and mariachis are all part of Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is more than just a day to dance and down margaritas, though. Spanish for “5th of May”, this day celebrates Mexico’s victory against France in the Battle of Puebla back in 1862.

2. April Fool’s Day

One of the best spring holiday traditions

It’s finally time to bust out your rubber vomit and saran wrap. Fool your friends, family members, and coworkers with your favorite pranks and hoaxes. Sometimes major companies even get in on the fun- remember when Taco Bell purchased the Liberty Bell and Burger King came out with the left-handed Whopper?

1. Kosher for Pesach Foods on Passover

One of the best spring holiday traditions

During Passover, only Kosher for Passover (Pesach) foods can be consumed. That means that the foods are free from Chometz, which means grains, flour, breads, some kinds of alcohol, and yeast-leavened foods. The forbidden foods are searched out in every corner of the house and removed. Think of it as Spring Cleaning on a grand, spiritual level.

After the cleaning is done, a special meal is served at the Seder, where the story of the Exodus is told and retold so each generation understands the miracles.


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