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Best Things to Order Out

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 18, 2014
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Ordering foodContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Ordering food out is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Going to a nice restaurant is fun on occasion, but not wanting to cook doesn’t necessarily mean you feel like dressing up and eating out.

Hungry? Stay in your comfy clothes and check out the best things to order out.

10. Regional specialties

Regional specialties

Every place you visit, from small towns to big cities, has a signature food. Some of these items are so famous, like Cincinnati Chili and Texas BBQ, people travel from all over for a taste. Plan a few days in advance and these authentic foods will come to you pre-cooked and packed with care. Next time you get a craving for the world’s best coffee cake or NY cheesecake, satisfy your taste buds with the real thing.

9. Baked treats

baked goods at HoneyBaked Ham

The reason there are so many cupcake shops and bakeries is that we’re not all natural born bakers. Baking takes an eye for precision, patience and the kind of technical skill that requires practice. You could spend all afternoon fussing with crumbly pie dough, and worrying over the perfect dessert cake, or have the experts do the hard part and mail baked goods to you. Your duty is important, too: Enjoy!

8. Cheese please

Cheese please

Cheese lovers know the power of a perfect bite of aged cheddar. Now imagine how a few shreds of Parmigiano Reggiano will elevate a pot of homemade pasta! Order your favorite cheeses from around the world to send every meal to the next level.

7. Chinese food

Chinese food

Yes, authentic Chinese cuisine is eclectic and nourishing, but when someone suggests “Let’s do Chinese tonight” they’re referring to those iconic takeout containers packed with Americanized chow mein, fried rice and bright pieces of glazed meats. It’s not healthy, but it is cheap, tasty and easy to share.

6. Seafood


Chefs often advise us to buy seafood as fresh as possible and cook it that day for the tastiest results. A lot of people don’t realize you can have fresh gourmet seafood dishes delivered to your front door in coolers. No need to make your own lobster roll or chowder when east coast chefs are happy to make and ship it for you.

5. Oven ready appetizers

Oven ready appetizers

Throwing a dinner party doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Get oven ready appetizers delivered so you can focus energy on the main course. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about frozen tater tots. Chai-spiced pumpkin rolls and lobster in coconut sauce tarts are a few of many gourmet appetizers available online.

4. Home style soups

Home style soups

A hot bowl of homemade-style soup is one of the best things to have on hand from a gourmet food store, or to order out on a chilly night. Chicken noodle or miso soup will help cure the common cold. Seasonal treats like butternut squash and carrot soups are the perfect fuel for a healthy body.

3. Hoagies or subs

Hoagies or subs

The name changes depending on where you live, hoagies in the northeast, these long deli-style sandwiches are the perfect finger food for casual entertainment. Plus, the cost of ordering and slicing up a few 24” hoagies is comparable to buying all of the ingredients and making them yourself.

2. Smoked meats

Smoked meats

You don’t have to have a smoker out back to enjoy the rich flavors of smoked meats any time of year. Get a full meal for the holidays like hickory smoked ham or a tender brisket. If you’re shopping for foodies, you can bet the gift of cured bacon and summer sausages will be happily enjoyed.

1. Pizza


Forget about company coming later, they’re already here and the last thing you want to do is disappear in the kitchen. It’s pizza time! Of all the best things to order out, pizza is one of the fastest because skilled pizza makers are everywhere. Brick over? Absolutely.

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