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Bicycle Enthusiast Gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 24, 2014
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bicyclist giftsby Info Guru Angela K. Van Winkle

When looking for just the right… something…

…for the cyclist in your life, you need look no further than this great little list we’ve put together just for you.

10. Riding Gloves

Riding Gloves

Riding long distances has caused more than one cyclist painful blisters. Even if your bicycle-lover is more the BMX trick-bike type, a good grip is essential. A good pair of dedicated riding gloves will protect their hands, create just the right grip, and in the winter, keep those digits from succumbing to frostbite. You can be sure these will become a well-used and crucial part of their riding ensemble.

9. Bicycle basket

Bicycle basket

For the more practical bicycle commuter, a good, sturdy, weather-proof basket will turn their beloved transportation into an even more useful tool they can take to the grocery store to pick up a few things, or haul supplies to school, if they’re a student.

8. Retro Bike T-Shirt

Retro Bike T-Shirt

People who know their bikes will love a retro Haro bike T to add to their wardrobe. Not only is the design classic, it’s also a useful piece of apparel to add to their cycling wardrobe. You don’t go riding in a big bulky shirt; these things are cut snug, for speed.

7. Bike Flight Bag

Bike Flight Bag

Bike flight bags are great for the cyclist who loves to travel. Just the right size to fold up and take your bike on a plane, some of these even boast the incognito powers of looking like a golf bag, so you don’t get charged for traveling with a bike. Because, really, why should golfers get all the perks?

6. Profi Workstand

Profi Workstand

The Kettler Profi Workstand is THE workstand for the cyclist who works on her own equipment. It’s made of German steel, accommodates nearly any size or shape frame, and is adjustable to height. This is what you need to do any serious bicycle repairs or modifications.

5. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Cycling is an intense workout, and riders need to stay hydrated. Get them a good, sturdy reusable water bottle which will fit on their bike, ready for whenever they need it.

4. Warm-up Hoodie

Warm-up Hoodie

A good sports warm-up jacket will keep your recipient warm on those cold days, while wicking away sweat as they heat up from exertion. Besides, you can never have too many hoodies.

3. Sunglasses


Sometimes, no matter what your intentions, you find yourself riding into the sun. Even on the coldest days, the winter sun is no less glaring. A good pair of sunglasses will be put to good use year round.

2. Tool Kit

Tool Kit

Breakdowns happen, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. A well-stocked tool kit will come in handy when it’s time to change a tire, repair a spoke, or replace that old worn bicycle seat. There is nothing more frustrating than being stuck without the right tool.

1. Helmet


Safety first, safety first, safety first! These words have been drilled into our heads, and yet so many forget this basic rule until it’s too late. Get your favorite road warrior a good, well-fitted helmet to keep their noggin safe from harm so they can keep on riding for years to come.


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