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Big Wedding Decisions to Make

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 22, 2013
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big wedding decisionsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Getting married is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in life.

Congratulations on deciding to take the plunge! Once the happy haze of announcing the engagement wears off, it’s time to start planning the special day.

While there are hundreds of small choices to make between now and then, it’s the big wedding decisions that’ll shape your big day. Once these are out of the way, breathe easy and try to enjoy the happy chaos.

10. When


Setting the date determines a lot. If money is an issue, choosing an off-peak date will help you stretch every dollar because vendors are more competitive. The date will also influence the ceremony’s overall look from seasonal wedding accessories, to natural surroundings – falling leaves, snow or warm ocean breeze. You can get great ideas on the possibilities in theme and decor by visiting the website of a store that specializes in wedding accessories. When possible, give at least six months notice before the event.

9. Open or cash bar

Open or cash bar

Guests are bound to drink more at an open bar, but that’s not always a good thing. A number of couples opt for an open bar during the cocktail hour only with a cash bar after that – this keeps costs down and starts the festivities off with a bang.

8. Band or DJ

Band or DJ

One way to save money on music is by making a playlist for the big day and simply hooking up an MP3 player. On the other hand, a good DJ or band will keep energy levels high and playing MC when it’s time for the first dancing and cutting cake. Either way, make a shortlist of must-play songs you know will get everyone on their feet.

7. Traditional walk versus synchronized aisle dancing

aisle walk

If tradition dictates, the bride will slowly walk down the aisle with her father or the person giving her away. But that’s not your only option. Liven things up and party down that aisle via synchronized dancing.

6. Scale


Two things will help guide the scale of this event: budget and your vision as a couple. Have you always dreamed of a small, intimate ceremony and reception Stick to your guns and only invite closest friends and families. If money is tight and the guest list long, it’s time to get crafty and figure out a way to feed more people for less.

5. Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Choosing the wedding party can be a bit of a stressor, but the sooner it’s done the better. Approach your top choices for maid of honor and best man first. The roles come with some planning responsibilities so try and choose people you can both rely on to help the day run smoothly.

4. Food


Typical wedding caterers price their services per plate so once again your budget will nudge you towards a buffet (cheaper) or full table service. Most caterers or venues that offer food services will allow you to do a tasting of the menu before hiring them.

3. Where


If you’re lucky enough to already have a dream venue in mind – a historic mansion or vineyard, perhaps – book it now to lock in the best deal and day available. If not, cast a wide net on traditional and unique locations with room for reception decorations. Destination weddings sound great on paper, but many of your guests may not be able to afford the travel. The venue will be one of, if not the biggest expense, so don’t make this decision lightly.

2. Dress


Of all the big wedding decisions, choosing your wedding gown is by far the most fun. It’s time to have the best shopping trip of your life. Try on every style that strikes your fancy until finding one that best complements your shape and makes you feel like the belle of the ball.

1. Budget


These big wedding decisions should be made with absolute commitment on both sides. Work out how much money you and your fiancé can honestly afford to spend. This will entail a serious conversation and whether putting a portion of the expenses on a credit card, or scaling down is the solution. Be realistic and don’t forget expenses like wedding invitations and save-the-dates!


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