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Board Sports for Water Lovers

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 25, 2015
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board sportsby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

There are a number of different ways in which people can enjoy the cool blue waves of the water.

It seems like since there have been oceans and lakes there have been people who are always trying to find entertaining ways to enjoy them. The summer months are filled with people who just want to be out there on the water and they want to be able to enjoy it in a number of different ways. Board sports are just a few of the most popular ways in which people are catching a wave these days. This list will give you the top ten board sports for water lovers — you might want to try them out.

10. Stand Up Paddle Surfing


Not surprisingly Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a type of surfing that has the user standing on the board – known by afficionados as “SUPs” – and propelling themselves with a paddle. These days, when it comes to sport usage, it’s like kayaking in many ways.

9. Skim Boarding

Skim Boarding

Skimboarding is a sport that got its start back in the 1930’s. The sport is very similar to surfing considering you use one of those boards, but the user rides the board on very shallow water or wet sand. It was once just a recreational activity but has evolved into a big time sport.

8. Surfing


Surfing is likely the board sport you’ve all heard of when talking about water sports. There are even some people who think surfing is the only board sport out there that they can try. This list will disprove that, but that doesn’t mean surfing isn’t one of the best out there. There are all kinds of boards people can try depending on how dedicated they become and how good they are. They’re also suited better for people with different body types.

7. Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing

This particular sport is like a combination of surfing and sailing. The sail is attached to a board like a surfboard and the user is off and windsurfing. This has turned into an incredibly popular sport in the last few decades.

6. Body Boarding

Body Boarding

Bodyboarding is like surfing only you never actually stand up on the board. Body boards are usually quite a bit different in construction as they are shorter and wider in order to support the body.

5. Kneeboarding


Kneeboarding is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s a challenging but often times for accommodating water sport. The difference between this and surfing is that you generally are a specially designed kneeboard on your knees, settled into the form-hugging surface and being pulled by a boat.

4. Skurfing


There’s certainly a reason why this sport is called Skurfing. Think water skiing + surfing. This is a sport where people use a surf board but they are standing on the board as they are towed by a boat.

3. Flowriding


Flowriding is just like surfing only the sport is carried out on man made waves in a sort of pool. The boards are usually a bit smaller than you’ll see on the open water.

2. Wakesurfing


When it comes to wakesurfing on a board called a (not surprisingly) wakeboard, the sport is done like regular surfing, only the person is actually behind a boat and is surfing on that boat’s wake. The boards are molded for balance and designed so that the rider can “jump the waves.”

1. Wakeskating


When someone is wakeskating, they are being pulled by a boat and are standing on a board that is smaller than a wakeboard. The surface of the wakeskate is slicker, as well, which makes this sport a bit more challenging than wakeboarding.

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