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Best of … camping supplies online

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 28, 2011
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One of the best of camping supplies onlineContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

As any camper worth their salt will tell you, having the right camping gear can make a huge difference in whether or not the trip is a success.

If the weather turns, supplies run low or equipment fails, a dream camping trip can quickly become a nightmare outing.

To help ensure yours is the perfect camping trip, here are a list of some of the best camping supplies online all in one neat, tidy little package.

Heartland America

For sleeping under the stars

One of the best of camping supplies online

Ask any camper, even the die hard Jeremiah Johnson type, what the most frustrating thing about camping is and you’re likely to hear getting a good night’s rest. The sounds of the forest with the warmth emanating from a recent campfire are certainly soothing, but rolling over onto rocks, pine cones and rock hard ground can make one a bit…restless. That’s what makes sleeping mats a great camping gear addition. Heartland America takes the joy of a good nights rest even further with their Acupoint Pressure Mat.

River Adventure

For white water lovers

One of the best of camping supplies online

Since we’re already near the water, what better way to wash off the campsite grime than a quick dip? A good outdoor supply store offers several floating tubes; perfect to ease yourself into the brink. This one even has a mesh bottom and two separate chambers for safety. If you’re the kayaking type, there are a number of inexpensive inflatable kayaks worth including on your camping supplies online list of got-to-haves.

Camping World

For the meditative

One of the best of camping supplies online

While cooking smores, it’s imperative to have just the right seat. Height and angles must be just right, while retaining a measure of comfort. Camping World’s Summit Rocker is an ideal smore-toastin’ chair and a must view while investigating your camping supplies online. With 45 years of experience, you can be certain Camping World knows a thing or two about fireside chairs.

Groovy T Shirts

For the fashionista

>One of the best of camping supplies online

In keeping with the campsite dessert theme, check out this smore-lovers camping shirt. Designed especially for the aficionado, you’ll leave no doubt as to who wears the smores in this campsite.

Camping Supply Stores

For the slow to get moving

One of the best of camping supplies online

Certainly camping loses a bit of it’s luster when there are hair dryers droning on in the morning, TV’s cranked up and tuned to Oprah, and the young ‘uns are battling aliens from the planet Zorg on their video games. But when searching for camping supplies online, this Propane Coffee Maker should be on every campers list. And it won’t make you a campsite heathen (like the equipment above), just the most popular person within a 15 square mile radius.

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  1. Kyle on December 24th, 2011 3:36 pm

    I drive by gander mountain all the time. I have always wanted to stop in there but I haven’t ever got a chance.