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Casual Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 29, 2015
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shoes and skinny jeansby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Skinny jeans don’t let you hide anything.

In addition to a snug, body-hugging fit, the tapered hems put shoes front and center. People will notice if they clash with the rest of the outfit, but sometimes it’s hard to find a style that works just right.

These casual shoes to wear with skinny jeans will help you pull together any look and walk out the door with confidence.

10. High boots

High boots

High boots were practically made to be pulled over skinny jeans. Over-the-knee lengths are perfect for staying warm while looking great. Riding boots with a metal buckle and slight heel are rugged in the right way. Try on a few different pairs to find your perfect fit – some women prefer leather boots that slouch down while others like them tight.

9. Deep heels

Deep heels

Hey, for some gals high heels are casual. The right pair of skinnies paired with stylish heels is a fool-proof recipe for looking sexy. Plunging heels flash just the right amount of skin around the ankle. You can pull off nearly any color or design – from cool black stilettos to bold red pumps – so long as you can walk in them!

8. Ballet flats

Ballet flats

For women who prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground, ballet flats are a closet staple. They’re ideal casual shoes to wear with skinny jeans. The subtle feminine look is a great choice for day dates or meeting up with friends. Wear with a nice top, sweatshirt or tee and you’ll look as polished as Audrey Hepburn!

7. Flip-flops


Break out your stash of funky, colorful flip-flops. It doesn’t get more casual than easy rubber flip-flops with fitted jeans. They’ll rock whatever you’re wearing up top whether it’s a nice blouse, tank or sweatshirt. Keep the hems of your pants from fraying by folding them up if necessary or wearing a pair that ends right at the ankle.

6. Flats with a point

Flats with a point

Flat pointy shoes are more versatile than you may think. Yes, they’re great for looking professional at the office without hurting your feet. They’re also perfect casual shoes to wear with skinny jeans. Sleek, solid ones will dress things up a notch. If you want to appear taller, go with a nude pair.

5. Healed ankle booties

Healed ankle booties

The slight lift and flirty cut of ankle booties gives you that casually well-put-together look. No need to feel like you’re on stilts. Let kitten height or a small wedge work some fashion magic. Light suede booties actually work year round, even in summer! The hems should fall a hair above the top of the bootie.

4. Loafers


This one’s for you, gals who love to be comfortable in blue jeans. Loafers have a lovely, laid-back vibe that’s never going out of style. Any design will work from modern slippers to classic penny loafers. Glam things up by choosing a silver or gold pair with a seductive glow.

3. Sneakers


Sometimes you just want to put on clothes and go without thinking about fashion. These days call for a comfy pair of lace-up athletic sneakers and a slouchy tee. This classic combination can swing from cool to feminine depending on the shoe color.

2. Boots


The slight sheen of muted patent leather boots makes a quiet statement. Wear them with a military-style jacket or long sweater. Roll thick black socks up to the hem for textural contrast.

1. Minimal sandals

Minimal sandals

Summer fashions are all about simplicity – the more effortless the better. That’s why minimal, naked sandals are a perfect partner for your favorite skinnies. These will have a sole and a light strap or two so the shoes stay on your feet and that’s it. Pair form-fitting bottoms with barely-there shoes and you have one sexy look.


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