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Catholic Home Decor Inspirations

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 25, 2014
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catholic home decorby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Decorating your home with warmth and style isn’t as easy as some people make it look.

It’s hard to know where to start and how things will fit when they’re all put together. Sometimes it helps to look inward first. Religious home décor reflects who you are and lends continuity and variety from one room to the next.

These Catholic home decor inspirations range from eye-catching focal points to devotional accents.

10. Figurines


Religious statues are direct reminders of inspiring figures, including Christ and Saints. Select a few favorites and place them where you’ll see and think of the figures they represent. You may want one in your place of meditation or prayer. When the holidays come around, put them front and center to underscore the significance of the season.

9. Rosaries and incense

Rosaries and incense

Catholic rosaries are used to offer powerful prayers. Like religious incense burners, these items bring a unique beauty to faithful homes. When not in use for prayers or meditation, keep rosaries and incense within sight. Items that carry significant meaning may even influence future decorating decisions from color schemes to preferred fabrics.

8. Religious lawn ornaments

Religious lawn ornaments

The patio and gardens are where we reconnect with this beautiful world and its creator. Religious lawn statues of angels or nurturing saints add a meaningful touch to your most peaceful, fruitful places.

7. Scented hand soaps

Scented hand soaps

Breathe in the comforting scent of church with abbey-scented hand-made soaps made with love. The subtle scents linger while the creamy soap keeps your hardworking hands clean and nourished. Be kind to the environment and your skin by choosing a brand that uses all natural ingredients.

6. Religious gifts

Religious gifts

Communions and baptisms are important occasions for Catholics. Religious gifts received during these times commemorate your family’s religious journey. Displaying these framed photographs, snow globes and music boxes make a statement faith is a core part of your lives.

5. Christmas cards

Christmas cards

Turn the calendar to December and those Christmas cards begin to trickle in with Seasons Greetings and images of joy, peace and birth. Stringing these colorful cards across the mantle place, around the dining and other places the family gathers is literally surrounding a room with love and well wishes. What better way to spend the holiday season?

4. Nativity sets

Nativity sets

There’s no rule saying nativity scenes can only come out in December. Many Catholic parents like to keep a plastic set out year-round for their children to play with. It’s an accessible way to talk to kids about Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas. Precious sets made of marble or carved wood are best out of reach from small children, but they do make a stunning focal point on top of a shelf.

3. Bibles


Many find it a comfort to have a Bible always within reach, especially favorite editions. Your reading material of choice can double as bookends, centerpieces and a staple to a prayer table.

2. Crosses and crucifixes

Crosses and crucifixes

Catholic home decor inspirations often speak to themes of love and sacrifice. Sacrificing your own needs to help others is a huge part of living devoutly. Hanging crosses and crucifixes gives your family constant reminders of God’s love and the cross we each must bear in life. They come in a wide variety of styles so you’re bound to find one perfect for a door frame or prominent place on a wall.

1. Religious art

Religious art

Many Catholic home decor inspirations have high artistic value as well. For example, a print of The Last Supper or an Immaculate Heart of Mary painting can set a devout tone for an entire house. A strong frame and clear wall is all you need to welcome touching religious art into your home.

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