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Best of … cold weather layering tips

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December 28, 2011
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One of the best of cold weather layering tipsContributed by Paul Seaburn, Top 10 Guru

Brrr! How can you be bundled up like Ralphie’s little brother in “A Christmas Story” and still be cold?

The key to staying warm in cold weather is layering. Unlike icing on a cake, one thick coat is not as good as a few thin layers. Layering creates insulation and allows you to adjust easily to changes in temperature. The types of clothing and the order in which you put them on make a big difference too.

Stop shivering and start reading the best cold weather layering tips.

Outdoor Gear Store

Serious hiking layers

One of the best of cold weather layering tips

Before deciding what to wear, think about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. Wear as many hiking clothing layers as you can and be prepared to remove and carry some if the temperature changes or you’re exerting yourself, like on a hike.


One piece longjohns

One of the best of cold weather layering tips

The layer that’s closest to your skin should keep you warm and dry, so a tight-fitting shirt, preferably long-sleeved and made from a wicking material, is best. Go with wool, polypropylene, polyester and similar materials. Avoid cotton because it will trap sweat, get wet and feel cold. Wool tights or a one-piece long john will keep your legs warm as well.


Turtleneck sweaters

One of the best of cold weather layering tips

Air is a good insulator so your next layer should be a little looser. A long-sleeved cotton or knit shirt will trap the air and keep you warm. Turtlenecks from Northstyle work great for protecting necks that outer layers don’t always cover. If you think you might be removing this layer, consider a shirt with a zipper or fasteners.


Leather and Shearling

coats at Schnee's

Coats and jackets need to keep you warm while allowing movement, especially in more strenuous outdoor activities. Leather and schearling from Schnee’s work well for walking or hiking. Many come with zippered cuffs to make it easy to open up for ventilation. If you’re expecting rain, add a poncho or choose waterproof outerwear.

The Company Store

Weather proof boys gear

One of the best of cold weather layering tips

The top layer again depends on clothing you can find at the Company Store, like this outdoor activity overcoat or jacket for walking, something more flexible for running or hiking. Go with a water-resistant layer if the weather report says rain or wet snow and a wind-resistant covering if the forecast calls for gusts.

Woolen Goods Store

Wicking socks, hats and gloves

One of the best of cold weather layering tips

Your hands, feet and head will stay warmer with layering too. Thin wicking socks and gloves will keep hands and feet drier under boots and mittens. Polyester socks over the thin ones will keep your feet from blistering, as will sheepskin linings in boots. Protect your ears with earmuffs that will fit under a warm hat. Use a scarf to cover anything that still isn’t covered, like faces and necks.

Layering your clothing in cold weather gives you the warmth and flexibility to deal with Mother Nature and her friends, Jack Frost and Mister Sun.

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