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Cool Gifts for Drummers

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 15, 2015
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drum giftsby Info Guru Terri Wallace

Musicians are a quirky lot, and that can make gift-giving especially fun.

This is especially true of drummers. From gadgets and equipment to gifts with a cultural flair, here are ten cool gifts for drummers.

10. Drum Sticks

Drum Sticks

The thing about playing a musical instrument that requires you to hit it with sticks or mallets to create its distinctive sound is that the sticks/mallets tend to break. Therefore, drum sticks are always a welcome gift for drummers. Whether they prefer the simple, bare wood variety or something neon or glow in the dark, there are plenty of drum stick options for your drummer.

9. Desk Top Drum Set

Desk Top Drum Set

Drummers tend to, well, drum on things. They drum on the dinner table during meals. They drum on the steering wheel while they drive. They will use whatever is available to keep a beat. Preserve your the lovely desks you’re still making payments on, and your great-aunt Vera’s antique table, by giving your favorite drummer a desk top drum set.

8. Practice Pads

Practice Pads

Breaking down a drum kit and lugging it across town for a practice session is a lot of work, and it can cause a lot of wear and tear on your equipment. Consider surprising your drummer with a set of practice pads to help keep their drum kit in good condition and ready for the next gig.

7. iPad Case

iPad Case

Let your favorite drummer show off his skills with an iPad case that proudly boasts his instrument of choice.

6. CDs/Downloads/Music


The thing about musicians is they tend to like music. Give him the gift of song with an assortment of Celtic CDs or some other specialty genre – or gift cards for music downloads. Either provide new or unexpected music selections, or provide them with some of their favorite classics.

5. Throne


Drummers are the king of musicians, as evidenced by the name for their drum seat…their “throne.” Make sure that your favorite drummer has a seat worthy of a king with a new throne designed to provide comfort during those long sets.

4. Personalized Shirts

Personalized Shirts

Sometimes musicians want something a little nicer than their normal uniform of concert t-shirts. Help him enhance his wardrobe with a personalized t-shirt that boasts his place in the musical hierarchy.

3. Drum Table

Drum Table

Music tends to filter into all aspects of a musician’s life–their wardrobe, their electronics, even their home. A drummer’s home can reflect his musical passion in a myriad of ways, such as a drum table.

2. Music Instruction Books

Music Instruction Books

No matter how talented a musician is, there is always room for learning. Whether he wants to expand his musical range or diversify into different musical genres, adding educational material to his musical library can help grow a musician’s skills.

1. Bodhran


Just because a musician has an instrument, don’t assume that he has enough instruments. Drummers often collect instruments–different styles and sounds–in order to achieve unique tones in their tunes. For example, you might gift a bodhran to a musician with Celtic heritage in order to expand both his musical and cultural range.

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