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Best of … cowgirl style for everyday

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 13, 2011
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A list of the best of cowgirl style for everydayContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Thankfully, everyday cowgirl styles have long since morphed from the Dale Evans/Annie Oakley ensembles.

I don’t know about you, but I can go all day without seeing pastel colored tassels dangling from the sleeves of a rhinestone encrusted blouse.

Today, cowgirls have the luxury of choosing from subtle western to full-scale rodeo. Certainly there’s a time and place for spurs and chaps, but for work or around town, let’s focus on the best of cowgirl style for everyday.

Cowgirl boots

Floral patterns and great colors

A list of the best of cowgirl style for everyday

No sense beating around the bush, when it comes to finding the right cowgirl style it starts with the boots. A lot of women opt for the multi-colored hues, and a Western gear store can certainly help you there. Personally? Give me the understated antique brushed look of an old saddle any day. The subtle floral pattern combined with the distressed look are the perfect combination for everyday cowgirl wear.

Riding pants

Style statement

A list of the best of cowgirl style for everyday

These are just plain hot. Black, brown whatever; the ladies that can pull these off will have the citiest of city-slickers gladly marching through acres of cow piles just to get a peek. Granted, these Micro Cotton Bootcut Riding Pants from Back in the Saddle aren’t for everyone, they require the right accessories for everyday wear for sure. But slide these over the Best of cowgirl style for everyday item #1 and let the mayhem begin.

Classic jeans

Serious cowgirl necessity

A list of the best of cowgirl style for everyday

Yeah, maybe a bit bland for a Best of list but let’s face it; jeans and cowgirls go together like Sonny and Cher, pre-divorce that is. Every self-respecting woman looking for just the right cowgirl style needs themselves the right pair of jeans and there’s a good chance a dedicated blue jeans store has ‘em.

Western blazer

Lambskin softness

A list of the best of cowgirl style for everyday

Soft, lamb-skin is the basis for this beauty from Leather Coats, Etc. so you know it’s as comfortable as it is great looking. Perfect for everyday cowgirl style, with just the right cut to give a hint of western without going over the top. Prefer brown? Yeah, Leather Coats has that too. And the coup de grace is the ultimately affordable price, which is important to cowgirls and every other woman, too.

Belts and more

Beyond boots

A list of the best of cowgirl style for everyday

Most large shoe stores have a huge selection of other western gear, for men and women. Not surprisingly, everyday cowgirl style requires the right accessories, including a belt. To each her own of course, but personally the western style belts with buckles the size of license plates are a bit lost on me. I prefer a more understated example, like this Fleur de Lis Belt.

Country purse

Country style

A list of the best of cowgirl style for everyday

Let’s head back to that Western gear store to round out our everyday cowgirl style. Now that we’ve found our pants, boots and other western gear it’s time to accessorize. Finding the right bag isn’t always an easy proposition, but for the cowgirl in need ample choices will make it easy. Well, easy in the sense they’re all in one place, not so easy because they have so darn many of them.

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