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Creative Gifts for Classic Music Lovers

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 19, 2015
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classic music giftsby Info Guru Terri Wallace

Music lovers are a quirky bunch.

They eat, live, and breath music. They are also wonderfully fun to buy for. With so many options available, it is easy to find fabulous gifts for the audiophile in your live. Whether they like to simply listen to music, or if they love to make music themselves, here are some creative gifts for classic music lovers:

10. Digital Sheet Music

Sheet Music

Give the gift of music to your favorite classic music lover with an assortment of instructional sheet music engineered to help them learn the part; the only thing better than listening to music is learning how to play it for yourself. As an added bonus, you can choose songs that you love, too, so that every day is like a personal concert.

9. Music Boxes

Music Boxes

Add both elegance and music to the decor with the addition of a music box. Whether traditional or whimsical, a well crafted music box can hold trinkets and treasurers while also filling a room with the sweet notes of a well-loved tune. These nostalgic mementos are also the perfect gift for commemorating a musician’s first recital piece.

8. Instruments


Expand your favorite music lover’s musical repertoire by adding more instruments to his or her collection. Does she play the violin? Get her a viola! Is he a drummer? Get him a bodhran! If he is a genius at the cello, consider testing his musical skills with a harp. You can also pick up an instrument for yourself while you are at it…duets can be quite romantic.

7. Wall Quotes

Wall Quotes

Music lovers can surround themselves with music, literally, with gifts of musical wall quotes and images. Help encourage, inspire, and add a bit of whimsy to your music lover’s space.

6. IPod or MP3 Player

IPod or MP3 Player

A digital music player is a welcome gift for music lovers. To make the gift even more personal, consider filling it with the recipient’s favorite songs. Or, for added fun, include some of your favorite songs (especially those that might be under-appreciated) into the mix.

5. Earbuds


Easily lost, misplaced, and gnawed on my family pets, earbuds often need too be replaced and make a thoughtful and practical gift for your favorite music lover. Plus, if you have different taste in music, a good set of earbuds ensures that you won’t be accosted by his poor taste in music.

4. Speakers


Those who appreciate music are often sticklers for a good music system. They obsess over sound quality and fiddle with the treble and bass until each song sounds perfect. Make their quest for the perfect sound quality just a little bit easier with some quality speakers.

3. Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Those who cherish music can attest that one can never have too many songs in their collection. Add to their ever-growing library with gift cards. Watch your music lover agonize over which song to choose. Listen to them bemoan having to make a choice.

2. Tickets


Concerts, symphonies, musicals… so many performances and so little time. The gift of tickets for your favorite music lover is considerate and generous… it can also mean a date night for you! Everybody wins! (Just make sure that you choose tickets to something you will enjoy, too.)

1. Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Has he longingly admitted that he always wanted to learn the bagpipes? Did she once confide that it was her lifelong goal to play the harp? Makes those dreams come true with the gift of music lessons. Not only can you fill the house with music, but you can fill their heart with song.

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