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Best of … creative water gardens

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 11, 2012
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creative water gardensContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Water is so incredibly relaxing to be around it’s no wonder people seek it out in their free time.

While living along a body of water like an ocean or river would be ideal for many people, creative water gardens are an engaging alternative. These seven online stores have products to inspire and help you build a unique, beautiful garden filled with water follies and other flora.

With a little love, these gardens become a self-sustaining eco system you’ll enjoy for years.

Eco Yoga Mats

Build a dream yoga spot

yoga place

Every yogi knows you can meditate anywhere, but it’s a little harder to breathe into a downward dog in a crowded café. Imagine moving through your asanas with your gaze fixed on a blooming water lily, your feet planted firmly on an eco friendly yoga mat. A yoga supply store has recycled rubber yoga mats with round corners to fit snug beside a thriving little pond. A garden built with yoga and meditation in mind may be just what you need to take your practice to the next level.

Statuary Mermaid Fountain

Here be dragons

mermaid fountain

Gardens are where we go to take a deep breath at the end of the day. Out with the worries and in with the inspiration. Enhance the look and other-worldly sense of your water garden with a statuary fountain. Fountains circulate water and bring the soothing sound of running water to your yard. Bellacor has a variety of statue fountains to help set any mood, whether you want to feel like you’ve wandered into a mermaid folktale or an exotic island with jumping dolphin and sea turtle fountains.

Outdoor furniture

Stay a while

Ty Pennington furniture

Position your aquatic garden where you can see it from the patio so you can enjoy it every time you share an outdoor meal or curl up with a book in a comfy wicker chair. Most any garden store has a wide variety of outdoor furniture, including wrought iron, wicker and aluminum. Check out Ty Pennington’s exclusive collection with plush, all weather cushions in earthy tones to complement any waterscape.

Personalized Garden Stones

It’s my water garden. MINE!

engraved garden stone

Nothing says this is your special corner of the world like a beautiful sign with your name or message on it. Rock-It Creations engrave garden stones to add the perfect finishing touch to creative water gardens of every style. Welcome the world to your garden or dedicate the space to a child, love or other muse. Names and messages are engraved in natural river rocks of various irregular shapes and tones to accentuate to colors and textures of your plants.

Beautiful Fountains

Secret Garden

fountains at 125 West

Water features draw attention whether they’re integrated with your landscape or tucked away in a peaceful clearing. 125 West carries artisan designed fountains to add a beautiful focal point to any backyard pond with or without the fish. They even carry stands to elevate your plants to the right depth. If you do plan to add fish, HGTV recommends waiting a few weeks for the environment to stabilize and then slowly introducing them. Fish add movement and life to back yard ponds, and even eat some of the algae produce by plants.

Battery Operated Deck Lights

From dusk-to-dawn

battery operated deck lights

Enjoy your water garden anytime day or night with battery operated deck lights. No wiring required! Installation is a simple matter of mounting each unit with two screws. These lights are weatherproof, automatically turn on and off and the battery life is estimated to last for up to a year. Illuminate the area around your outdoor garden so that night strolls don’t turn into accidental swims.

Garden Bench

A spot to relax and enjoy

A water garden offers a feast for the senses. If you have a waterfall or stream feature, it sounds wonderful. The look of flowers in the water is beautiful. But it’s hard to really enjoy it if you don’t have a place to sit nearby. That’s where a classic garden bench comes in. There are traditional and modern styles to complete your water garden setting.

Meditation Inspiration

Ancient symbols

Create a unique focal point for meditation and inspiration with a Buddha statue. Look for outdoor-friendly materials like stone or ceramic and make certain that you secure your statuary from wind and strong weather. Colorful ceramics are a nice contrast to the various greens in your water garden.

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