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Best of … denim fashion trends

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 12, 2011
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One of the best of denim fashion trendsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Thankfully, denim has never really gone out of style.

The styles and trends have and will continue to change of course, but denim remains denim.

As with all fashion, we seem to go through cycles; sometimes generational, sometimes cutting edge, but cycles nonetheless. The following certainly don’t cover the history of denim, just the best of denim fashion trends.

Boot cut denim

Made in America

One of the best of denim fashion trends

Contrary to popular belief, men appreciate fashionable clothing, particularly denim fashion trends. While the days of tight-fitting, I can hardly breathe in these things have gone (thankfully), boot cut denim jeans still make the grade. Now, they’re a bit baggier than they were and a lot more comfortable as a result. Another trend is buying American, like these premium jeans.

Deconstructed jeans


One of the best of denim fashion trends

Time was you needed to work for a good looking, beaten down pair of jeans. In the interest of immediate gratification, destructed jeans are one of the denim fashion trends that are likely to stick around for a while. Not ideal for the workplace or fine dining establishments of course, but for ideal for the casual night on the town. Look for a wide variety of styles all with one thing in common: planned destruction.

Denim Jacket

Back to classics

One of the best of denim fashion trends

Women’s denim jackets, much to my chagrin, took a leave of absence for a few years there. But with the generational cycle coming back around, the jacket is back and again a mainstay in denim fashion trends. Lot’s of different cuts and styles, but for me, I prefer the tried and true denim jacket for women. And these won’t set you back a small fortune either.

Dresses in denim

Fashionable roll cuff styling

One of the best of denim fashion trends

Perfect for casual Friday at the office, and roll cuffs are all the rage; check out this and other denim dresses especially for full figured gals. Think about adding just the right belt, or maybe the denim pintucked dress is more your style. Either way, these easily qualify as one of our denim fashion trends.

Blue jean bag

Too cool to be just for school

demin backpack from delias

Yep, this is a denim backpack; and yep, it’s only one of a wonderful selection. And since it’s offered, you can rest assured you’ll actually have some money left over to put other goodies in your new backpack. Add some cute, political or in-your-face buttons to make it your own, and you’ll have a backpack that’s cool enough to use outside of school, too.


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