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Dog boutique shopping

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

October 16, 2012
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Best of dog boutique shoppingContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

What’s more fun than shopping for something new for your favorite pup? That’s easy! It’s finding the very best dog boutique shopping right from your computer.

Think about it. You can relax with your dog right there on your lap and find a comfy new dog bed, a cute new outfit, or the tastiest new treats even if the boutique is in another city! So grab your pets, and let’s take a tour of the best doggie boutiques online.

Outerwear from In the Company of Dogs

Keep your dog warm … and stylish

Autumn is here, and winter’s not far behind. And that means cold weather! Is your dog ready to brave the elements? In the Company of Dogs has the cozy pup outerwear you need to make winter walks cozy and comfortable.

And once you’ve ordered that sleek puppy-parka, be sure to check out the rest of their online boutique, from earth-friendly collars to tasty (and healthy!) treats.

Dog Beds

Your little prince or princess will sleep in style

There are ordinary dog beds … and then there are beds we consider good enough for our fur-babies and four-legged children. That’s why this virtual dog boutique offers personalized, luxurious dog beds, dog sofas and super-soft blankets. No bog box store generic dog beds here!

Trust me … if you choose your pup’s next bed from here, they may be sleeping on a better mattress than you are! (But of course, as true dog lovers, what’s wrong with that?)

Treats from Wholesale Pet Suppliers

Yes, dog boutique shopping can include discounts!

Best of dog boutique shopping dog treat warehouse

Pssttt! Here’s a don’t have to always spend a lot to get the very best for your dog! Really! The proof is in places like wholesale pet suppliers. This online store is full of all kinds of tasty treats to keep your precious pets happy. But all of these treats are offered at a discount! Go ahead and order while saving big bucks. We won’t tell your dog.

Gourmet Dog Food From Lambert Vet Supply

Because grocery store food really isn’t good enough

What’s more important than the food you feed your dog? So why are you still buying that grocery store (or heaven forbid, discount store) dog food? Lambert Vet Supply understands how important your dog’s health is. And they understand what kinds of food keep pets the healthiest. That’s why all the dog food they carry is made using on the best ingredients for your dog’s unique needs, whether they’re tiny or big, old or young. Whether you choose dry or soft dog food, you’ll know it’s the best brands of pet food for your four-footed family members.

Gifts from Pipsqueak Productions

Dog (and cat!) themed gifts for the pet lover

Best of dog boutique shopping pipsqueak

You, who love and care for your dog deserve a present, too! That’s why I’ve included Pipsqueak Productions here. Their collection of breed specific dog gifts are perfect for you, and for the other dog-lovers you know. Choose gifts from stationary to clothing, aprons to light switch covers, all with beautiful breed art. Best of all, many of the products at Pipsqueak support pet-focused charities, so you’re helping pets every time you shop.

Dog Toys from Cherrybrook

It’s a doggie dream come true!

Best of dog boutique shopping cherrybrook

If there’s one thing your dog loves almost as much as you, it’s toys. And Cherrybrook has more toys than even the most coddled dog can shake a stick at. From fuzzy, squeaky toys to ultrasonic toys only your dog can hear, it’ll be like Christmas every day for you and your dog at this wonderful pet boutique that’s open 24/7 for the serious dog boutique shopper.

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