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Best of … essential dorm survival tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 30, 2011
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One of the best of essential dorm room survival tipsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

The time is nearly upon us; our college bound kids are getting ready to brave the dorms.

As is the case with any new adventure, there are ways to survive the madhouse that life in the dorms entails; it’s just a matter of being strategic.

So without further ado, here are the Best of Essential Dorm Survival Tips to share with your not-so-young-‘un.


Stay in touch with family and friends

A phone call home is great, but there’s nothing like seeing those familar faces and watching dad laugh at your stories of dorm life, or seeing mom’s expression when you mention you’re changing majors — again. And then there are boyfriends or girlfriends left behind, and best buddies at a different college. Yes, you can share pictures on Facebook, but a good webcam from Adorama will keep it all real.

Portable frig

Just chill

One of the best of essential dorm room survival tips

Dorm rooms are cool, of this we can all agree. They are, we can also agree, about the size of an overgrown toaster oven, so space is at a premium. To help facilitate additional study time that would otherwise be spent walking to and from the cafeteria, a portable refrigerator isn’t just a dorm survival tip, it’s the law. This little beauty is perfect for the odd sandwich and left over slices of pizza pie. Though, it appears they lack the capability to house food with even nominal nutritional value; odd.

Excellent headphones

Blissful silence

SkyMall Premium headphones

Dorm rooms, halls and the buildings themselves have been known to become rather boisterous at times. All that excitement for learning sends some students into an uncontrollable fit of riotous glee. While this is good, it can also be somewhat distracting for the roommate cramming for that afternoon’s final exam. In an effort to keep the peace, and show a little respect for the procrastinator, professional quality noise-cancelling headphones will allow one roomie to rock on while the other prepares for the much-deserved “C” that comes with last minute studying.

Creature comforts

Cocooning warmth

One of the best of essential dorm room survival tips

Getting a good night’s sleep is a necessity for the budding college graduate, but not always an easy proposition in the dorms. Staying warm and oh-so-cozy in a silk filled comforter from Schweitzer Linen is sure to help even the lightest of sleepers. Once the REM stage is hit and the silk comforter is firmly in place, the roomie could move the party right into the room and not disturb your student’s peaceful slumber. Of course she’ll wake up with only one eyebrow, but she’ll be a well rested uni-brow.


Low maintenance foliage

One of the best of essential dorm room survival tips

While often overlooked when discussing dorm survival tips, making the small, box-like room feel homey will change the entire outlook of your student. Take one of these beautiful silk trees from Petals for example. This, along with one or two of the many floral arrangements Petals has available, will doctor up the dorm room nicely. A “Home Sweet Home” welcome mat would even be apropos.


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