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Everyday High Heels

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 26, 2013
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everyday heelsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Fact: The right pair of high heels elevates an outfit and the woman wearing them.

They make a woman feel confident, collected and ready to make a killer impression. But that’s only if she’s not wincing in pain at every step.

Contrary to recent media coverage, everyday high heels are not an urban myth. There are plenty of sexy, stylish shoes you can wear regularly as long they’re a good fit with the right amount of support.

These top ten are perfect for any occasion be it a work day, holiday or date night.

10. Chunky-heeled


Many women shy away from heels in part because they take practice to walk in. Wedges are often a gateway to spikes as they’re perceived as being more stable. The truth is high wedges are heavy. After awhile, they feel more like weights strapped around your ankles. Chunky-heeled pumps offer real stability. And as long as the heel is positioned directly beneath the heel bone, you’ll have the necessary support to stay balanced.

9. Unwearable whimsy

Unwearable whimsy

Even if we overlook the unsupportive ladder heel, it’s hard to imagine any woman pulling off this overdose of sliding board whismy. That is, unless you don’t plan on walking around at all, let alone standing up. All day sitters, these shoes were made for you.

8. Peep toe slingbacks

Peep toe slingbacks

For women who love the look of heels, but can’t shake the feeling of walking around on stilts, take 2 ½” high peep toe slingbacks for a spin. They still make legs appeal longer and slimmer. Look for breathable fabric and an adjustable buckle with stretch.

7. Sexy Sandals

Sexy Sandals

Warm weather calls for shoes designed to mold to your feet for ultimate comfort and give. Look for soft fabrics that won’t pinch or rub against the skin abrasively. These super sexy sandals keep feet cool and won’t weigh down your step.

6. Fuzzy slippers

Fuzzy slippers

Couldn’t slip this one past you, huh? Let’s cross our fingers that someday, somewhere fuzzy slippers will be as iconic and irresistibly sexy as everyday high heels. After all, they pair well with a bottle of wine and stay-in date night. We can dream!

5. Must-have boots

Must-have boots

Ask any woman who lists boots as a closet staple and she’ll tell you they’re simply magical. Knee boots that fit snug around your calves and leave plenty of room for the toes are the footwear you were always meant to own. They’ll keep you warm and ready for anything all fall and winter.

4. Ankle booties

 Ankle booties

Ankle booties with chunky heels offer maximum support and stability. The soles should contour to your arch so your body weight doesn’t all fall to the balls of your feet. As long as they don’t constrict ankle movement or rub against your skin, this is a style you can wear every day, everywhere.

3. High spunk

High spunk

Open toe dress heels in a neutral color will set off any skirt, dress or pair of slacks, but how to tell which styles are suitable for everyday wear? Soft insoles are critical because they mold to your natural shape. Gain the height you want without bending your feet out of shape by opting for stilettos with a manageable platform of 1”.

2. Strappy stilettos

Strappy stilettos

There’s no denying that strappy stilettos look hot on any woman who slips them on. And when you’re confident about the way you look, you feel great, too. Delete the fear of stumbling from your mind and practice walking in them before going outside. Close your eyes and find your center of gravity, feel how your body instinctively shifts to keep its balance and don’t get in its way by over thinking.

1. Classic leather pumps

Classic leather pumps

Chic leather pumps are everyday high heels perfect for cooler months. Leather doesn’t breathe so consider buying a half size up so they won’t rub against the material when your feet swell (all feet swell by afternoon, it’s true). A pointy-toed silhouette is an ideal match for fitted jeans.


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