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Best of … excellent walking shoes

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 27, 2012
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walking shoesContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

When it comes to physical activity, wearing the proper footwear helps to increase comfort level and workout performances.

Footwear that lacks adequate support, cushioning or stability may not only be uncomfortable to wear but also compromises your form, technique and body mechanics during exercise. This can place undue stress on the feet, ankles, legs and other joints and muscles of the body.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of athletic shoes on the market today that are specific to different types of physical activities including tennis, hiking, golfing, biking, running and walking. Although running shoes usually get the most attention, a good pair of walking shoes is equally as important for either the recreational or more serious walker. Consider the following list of excellent walking shoes to wear to comfort your feet on your next walking adventures.


For all types of walkers

New Balance

Reebok has a whole line of shoes devoted to walkers. Walkers will enjoy their excellent walking shoes thanks to the ankle padding that helps keep ankles comfortably in place. Feet that are wider in the toe-area will easily fit into the accommodating flexible toe-box. This will also decrease the risks of black toes from too tight-shoes. Many Reebok walking shoes are also considered “cross training” shoes, which makes them a versatile shoe for gym work and stretching.


Beginners to advanced


Saucony brand makes excellent walking shoes that will satisfy beginners, novices and the briskest advanced walkers. If you are looking for a good shoe to satisfy your daily needs, including being on your feet at work and running errands, check out the Saucony Bullet. The reasonably-priced Bullets are not only comfortable and lightweight, but also stylish and come in a variety of colors.


Not just for runners


Well-known for its high-performance running shoes, Asics’ lines of walking shoes are particularly pleasing to walkers who have wide feet. The Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 2 decreases the risks of developing bunions or blisters thanks to the extra room in the toe-box and breathing space.


Superior cushioning


The Brooks Trance is an excellent walking shoe for people who may be heavier or overweight. These shoes have ample support and cushioning to protect feet and joints from the impact of walking. The Trance is a stability shoe that is most suitable for people who do not have severe motion-control problems such as pronation or supination with walking, or rolling the foot in or out.


Walk with the swoosh

Nike Pegasus

The Nike Air Pegasus is a popular choice among walkers in part due to its flexibility and durability. In addition to a roomy toe box area, the Air Pegasus comes in different widths to fit a variety of foot shapes. A great choice among the great Nike walking shoes at Sheik Shoes, this well-cushioned shoe is most appropriate for people who are petite to medium-sized who do long distance walking.

There are hundreds of thousands of walking shoes available today from which you can choose. It is highly recommended to go to a professional shoe store that has staff available to help assist you with your needs. Many running stores sell walking shoes and staffs trained to identify and determine what shoe fits your foot type and gait patterns. Start by checking out one or more of the excellent walking shoes mentioned above and soon you’ll be hoofing it around the block!


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