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Father’s Day Gifts for Non Sports Fans

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 21, 2013
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Contributed by Info Guru David Galassi

Any dad who is an ardent sports fan is easy to shop for. Go for the team gear.

Not a sports fan, maybe not so easy. But dads who have interests that lie in other directions can be just as easy to please on Father’s Day. Here are some great, and completely non-sporting, gift ideas.

10. Necktie


The ever popular neck tie. Can Dad use another tie? Perhaps this feels over-used, but there is always the new color and odd pattern to go with his checkered sport coat.

9. Argyle Sweater

argyle sweater

That argyle sweater in those very strange colors only Dad will wear. Little does care they smirk at the water cooler, this dad has a fashion sense all his own. Or double the gift by presenting him with a sweater and an argyle vest. That way he can have two times the chance to express his, er, um, style.

8. Socks and more socks

Argyle Socks

Match the argyle to some socks or buy the ever popular black or white argyle. Dad can always use socks, socks and more socks. If he hikes, throw in some thick, padded hiking socks. If he cycles, substitute some thin biking socks. And if he wears a suit to work, treat him to a pair of cashmere dress socks. Pricey. but memorable.

7. Tools


Dad can always use another battery operated power tool, wrench, screwdriver or saw. He can never fill the wall behind his work bench and the all the trays in his tool box. Look for a NEW tool that he does not have! Pay attention to the projects he has mentioned he would love to do, but needs to get a new tool or two to get started.

6. Deluxe car wash

auto detailing

A car detailing coupon is a great gift. Dad will always relish dropping his car off on a Friday morning to have it detailed using the coupon he got for Father’s Day. Save him the afternoon of work by letting someone else buff and polish his Benz. If detailing by a pro isn’t in your budget, do it yourself! Enlist your siblings, cousins or friends to make the job easier. Dad will love the fact that you worked so hard to give him a clean car.

5. Gas grill

gas grill

A NEW gas grill is a winner. Dad loves to cook and especially grill. That NEW brushed chrome polished model with the three racks and side warmers. Have it pre-assembled so he won’t spend all day putting it together. Don’t forget the vinyl cover for protection from the weather.

4. A weekend trip

bed and breakfast trip

Send Dad (and Mom) off to a quiet little B & B in the country. Do your homework and pick a spot they will find enjoyable and romantic. Think about how peaceful the house will be with neither of them around all weekend. “No parties” should be the promise you make when you give this gift.

3. Slippers

leather slippers

Dad is always complaining that as he gets older he is always cold. Get him a fine pair of fur lined slippers. Check the size and be sure they are the right fit. Choose some wool socks and pajamas to go along with.

2. Your time

Take Dad out for a day and dinner. Time with dad can never be too special. Plan an afternoon at an art fair. Stop for a glass of wine. Pop in at the local museum for that special exhibit. Then a nice dinner and conversation. He will appreciate the attention.

1. Theater/concert tickets

opera seats

Buy Dad and a date two tickets to the hottest show in town. Make it a Saturday night and spare no expense. Opera seating, center section. Maybe even try to arrange a back stage pass to meet the cast and crew.

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