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Father’s Day Gifts Without Spending Money

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 22, 2013
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mainContributed by Info Guru David Galassi

Dads are actually an easy-to-please to bunch.

You can look at his wish list and spend lots, or spend a little. You can also ante up some time and your love and give dad something he will really enjoy. Here are some tips – from a dad! – for those with bigger heart strings than purse strings.

10. Save memories


Make him a scrapbook or collage. Tell Mom to find all the old pictures of him and his friends and dig through the attic for some old memorabilia, tickets and newspaper stories. Clip and cut and paste and glue. Label the book “My Dad.”

9. Watch a game

watch a game

Just sit and watch a whole ball game with him. Tell him to prop up in his favorite chair and relax. Tell him you will make popcorn and get him a cold beer. Tell him you want him to explain the game to you and take genuine interest if only this once. He will love the company and who knows, you just might get hooked on football.

8. Go fetch

tennis balls

Offer to shag tennis ball serves and golf chip shots so he can practice. After all he has been beat by his pals the few months and could use the work on his game.

7. Paint him a picture


It does not matter how talented an artist you are. Dad will appreciate your efforts here. Even if it hangs in his workshop, a pencil sketch of his first car or a watercolor rendering of his bass boat. Personal and very touching.

6. Make him a craft project

Make him a craft project

Especially for the younger folks who may not have any money, you will be surprised at the common household items you can use to make him some really cool stuff. Something as simple as a picture frame made out of rolled up magazine pages or a garden decoration made up of workshop scraps.

5. Make Dad his favorite meal

Make Dad his favorite meal

Breakfast, lunch or dinner … take the time to slave over a really hard-to-prepare meal. Maybe it is just a time consuming dessert or something special that requires a long prep time. Whichever, daddy will appreciate your efforts and you can partake in the meal as well.

4. Go golfing with him

Go golfing with him

He has asked you a million times and even though you may not be interested or good at all, be sure he will be patient as Dads are. He will enjoy your company and the fact that you are taking time from YOUR day to spend it with him.

3. Clean the garage

clean the garage

Take everything out, organize and sweep and clean and carefully put back all his tools, lawn stuff, bikes, etc. Do this on a Friday to surprise him when he pulls in the driveway after work.

2. Wax his car

car wax

That’s right detail it. Vacuum, wipe it down, wash it and hand wax it. He could take it to the car wash or after he is done cutting the grass, do it himself, so this will let him retire to his favorite chair and watch the game instead. Grab some Simonize and start waxing. Wax-on/wax-off grasshopper.

1. Mow the lawn

mow the lawn

Every Saturday after a hard work week your Dad cuts the grass while you sleep in. He could be relaxing, golfing or fiddling in his workshop. Take the lawn mower by the handle and cut the lawn for Dad.

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