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Best of … first date gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 14, 2012
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A list of the best of first date giftsContributed by Heather Vecchioni, Top 10 Guru

So you just had an amazing first date – AMAZING! – and want to score a second.

Sure, you could call your date and thank him or her for a great time. And you could also send a text. But if you really want to show your budding affection and increase your chances of going out on another date, send a gift. After all, everyone likes gifts, especially when you send the right kind.

If you’re looking for a few first date gifts, here are a few ideas.

Coffee or Tea

Something to sip while they think of you

Cup of hot tea

Give your date something warm and tasty to enjoy while they think about how much fun they had on your date. A gift of fine tea is a great way to say thanks for a good time. Not a tea drinker? How about a small bag of an especially rich coffee or a tin of imported cocoa? Pair it with a funny mug to bring a smile to their face.

Pet goodies

If your new crush loves their pet

Kong wubba toys from Entirely Pets

Forget food… I think the way to a man or woman’s heart is through their animals.

Maybe your date told you all about his or her pet. Or maybe the dog even came along on that first meeting. Either way, you know they love their four-footed family member. Sending them a little gift like these Kong Wubba toys for their pet might be a wonderful way to show that you were paying attention to what they said about their furry friend. Not only will that gain you points in their eyes, it saves you from having to pick out something for your date that might seem like “too much, too soon” and scare them off. (Save the diamonds for at least the third date!)


Almost as sweet as you are

A list of the best of first date gifts

Who doesn’t love chocolate? This sweet treat makes a prefect first date gift. Go for a box of gourmet chocolates or something like chocolate-covered strawberries. A luscious and tasty gift such as this is ideal for sending to the office or home. And when your date calls you to thank you for the gift, you can set up your second date.

A dessert encore

Follow your heart and fill the stomach

A list of the best of first date gifts

You know the old saying about the stomach being the way to the heart. And if that’s the case, you’ll certainly get points for sending your date scrumptious cookies or candy from Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. Listen to what they ordered for dessert and send something similar. Did she say she loves chocolate fudge? Did he say he’s crazy about coconut? Is he a kid-at-heart? Sending these tasty morsels to your date lets him or her know you are still thinking of the date and can’t wait to go on another.


Because we never outgrow fun!

Jungle animal toys

Giving your date some silly toys is a good way to let them know you had fun on your date. You can pick something that relates to where you went (like these animals for a zoo or circus date) or select something that relates to their job, your city or something funny that happened on the date. If you keep it small, they just might take it into work to put on their desk — what a wonderfully simple way to remind them of the good time you had!

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