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Fun Games for the Pool

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 19, 2013
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fun pool gamesContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Pools are a blast for kids and adults alike.

Swimming, diving and floating only scratch the surface of all the entertaining activities you can do in the water with kids of any age. These top 10 fun games for the pool will have everybody splashing and enjoying summer to the max.

10. Sponge Toss

 Sponge Toss

Sponge toss is like a water balloon toss without the worry of clogging your filter with rubber. Soak a clean pool sponge in water, and two kids at a time toss it back and forth. When someone misses they’re out and the one who catches goes to the end of the line. The lines cycles through until you have one champion.

9. Dive Toys

Dive Toys

Dive toys help kids learn to swim faster and focus under water. They come in sets of colorful figures and are weighted down to sink when dropped in the water. Throw them in and have two teams dive in and race to see who can find the most.

8. Basketball


Now you can practice your jump shot and keep cool on the hottest days. Pool Jam basketball hoops are hollow and designed to be filled with water. Set them by the edge of the pool so the net sits about two feet above the surface of the water. The “basketball” is also made for the water.

7. Volley Ball

Volley Ball

Volley ball in the water is basically the same as on dry land only there’s no net and if you dive for the ball you end up under water. This game works best in the low end if small children are playing. Use a floating pool toy as the “net” and may the best team win.

6. Marco Polo

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is very easy to play. It’s a variation on tag with simple rules: The person who’s “it” has to have his eyes closed. When he calls “Marco” everybody else has to call “Polo”. Voices guide him to his prey, but can he get there before they swim away or hide in an awesome fun float?

5. Noodle Showdown

 Noodle Showdown

Above ground pools are perfect for noodle showdown championships. This entails two opponents, each with a noodle, trying to knock each other off a raft. Without a raft, kids can get on adult’s backs chicken fight style or try to balance on rubber balls while jousting.

4. Colors


Among famous fun games for the pool, Colors is a super star. You only need three people to play, but the more the merrier. One person is ‘it’ so she stands outside the pool at the deep end facing away. Everyone else is in the water, lined up on the side the “it” person is at. They all choose a color and have to whisper it to everyone else. “It” girl calls out colors one-by-one, and when your color is called you must swim quietly to the other end. If “it” girl hears you, she dives in and chases after. If she gets you, you’re it!

3. Swim Relays

Swim Relays

When you have a group of strong swimmers, relays are fun games for the pool. Create two or three teams and start the relay at one end. Assign a baton, like a ball or noodle. On “Go” the first heat swims one lap, and then hands off the baton to the next. First group to finish wins.

2. Shark


Shark is fantastic for kids who love to role play and give chase. One person is the shark and everyone else huddles at one end of the pool. The shark stalks back and forth a few feet away and everyone has to swim to the ladder or steps to see who can make it without being tagged. Kids can strategize and create diversions or even up the odds with a rule, like the shark can’t go under, or can only float on his back.

1. Seal Race

Seal Race

Seal races are a cute variation of swim relays for smaller children. Adults can pair up with kids learning to swim, and have a fun competition. Blow up a beach ball for each pair. The adult does the swimming and glides their teammate through the water while the kid has to push the ball with their nose, toes or fingertips. Be prepared for stray balls.

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