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Fun Ideas for a Successful Baby Shower

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 21, 2016
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by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

Baby showers are a great reason to get creative, have fun and make some awesome memories for the mom-to-be.

Every part of the party, the invitations, games, prizes and favors are excellent opportunities for personalization and DIY craftiness. Put these top 10 fund ideas for a successful baby shower to work before mom pops!

10. PRIZE: Pedicure in a jar

Pamper your game-winning guests with a pedicure in a jar. Fill a Mason jar with an inexpensive pedicure kit, a travel-size bath gel and a mini bottle of polish. Twist on the lid and tie a cute ribbon around the outside. Many of these items can be found at dollar, craft and general stores.

9. PRIZE – Baby bottle trophies


Who doesn’t love winning a trophy? Take a baby bottle favor and give it a coat of gold spray paint. Once it’s dry, add gold rhinestones and stickers to spell out ‘first place’. If you want to recognize second and third place finishers, make other bottles in silver and bronze.

8. FAVOR – Baby jars filled with candies

Candy jar

Let your guests take some of the fun home with little jars filled with sweet candy treats. Once filled, tie a tag to the jar with some ribbon or raffia. Make sure to say thank you on the tag to let guests know you appreciate their attendance.

7. FAVOR – HErSHEy bars

FAVOR – HErSHEy bars

This one couldn’t be simpler. Take a regular sized Hershey candy bar and color in the appropriate letters. For a boy, highlight the 2 “he” words in the iconic candy bar’s name. For a girl, make the “she” stand out. Take it to the next level with some glue and glitter or rhinestones.

6. GAME – My water broke

GAME – My water broke

Make your guests laugh with this game. Freeze tiny baby dolls in ice cube trays. Every guest gets a cube to keep near them and when the ice melts the guest shouts “my water broke!” and wins a prize.

5. GAME – Price is right

GAME – Price is right

Are your guests savvy shoppers? Find out with this game. Make up a list of typical baby items, such as diapers, wipes and formula. Everyone gets to fill in the amount they believe these items typically cost. Reveal the actual prices on the master list. The person who comes the closest without going over on the most items wins.

4. FUN STUFF – Clothesline and pins

diaper cover from Always Under Pay

Let’s face it, moms-to-be get plenty of sweet, baby clothes at their showers. Chances are pretty good that most people will never see the baby wearing the clothes, so put them on display during the shower. Use pieces of twine as a clothesline and use clothespins to hang up the new wardrobe as it is unwrapped. Guests will love being able to see the adorable offerings.

3. FUN STUFF – I am loved onesie

FUN STUFF – I am loved onesie

Make a keepsake to hand down to the kids when they have kids with this idea. Take a cute baby onesie and write ‘I am loved’ on the front with fabric paint. Let guests sign their names with permanent markers or fabric pens. This keepsake is a great way to share your memories with your kids and let them know how many people helped you welcome them to the world.

2. DÉCOR – Flower centerpieces

DÉCOR – Flower centerpieces

Sure flower centerpieces are traditional and some would even say they are expected and a little boring. Spice up your tablescape by putting flowers into unexpected containers. Keep things simple by using a baby bottle as a bud vase. Drill holes into one side of a wooden letter block and insert daisies and baby’s breath. The options are endless, so let your creative mind take over.

1. DÉCOR – Glitter ducks

DÉCOR – Glitter ducks

Rubber ducks usually make people smile. You can float a few of them in the punch bowl as if they are in a bathtub. Take your ducks to the next level by coating them with glitter. For ducks set out randomly on tables, white glue and regular glitter works perfectly. For those ducks going for a swim in the punch bowl, dunk them in water then sprinkle them with edible glitter. The water helps the glitter stick and since it’s edible, it won’t matter if guests drink some of the sparkly pieces.

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