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Fun Ways of Wearing Scarves

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 22, 2013
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wearing scarvesContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

Scarves have been around forever.

They started out as a cool weather necessity, and then moved on to fashionista accessory. In fact, between the pashmina trend of years past and the new infinity scarves that are all the rage, scarves are here to stay. The question that plagues many women, however, is how exactly to wear a scarf. The truth is that there are so many ways of wearing scarves that there are no right or wrong techniques anymore.

Do what you want. Do what feels right. Do what makes you happy. There are no rules.

10. On a Purse

on a purse

In “The Devil Wears Prada’, the villainous boss, Miranda Priestly, wears a white Hermes scarf tied to the handle of her purse every day. It is simple, stylish, and chic. Of course, a silk Hermes starts at $400, which is not in many budgets. Try something funky and affordable for a fun look with your favorite handbag.

9. Around Shoulders

around shoulders

Wearing a scarf around your shoulders, as a shawl, is an old technique turned new. In fact, pashminas single-handedly brought back that centuries old trend. It is seen as both chic and practical to wrap a pashmina around your shoulders to block out the chilly air conditioning of an airplane or movie theater.

8. Around Wrist

Around Wrist

A smaller scarf can be twisted or braided into a bracelet that can be worn around the wrist. It is an unexpected that look that will have people thinking that you know your fashion.

7. At Neck

At Neck

The 1950s ‘tied’ and true look was to tie a short scarf jauntily at the neck. Generally, this was one of the ways of wearing a scarves that was best suited to an open neckline, like a scoop neck t-shirt or a button-down shirt that was left open at the collar. Big scarves go around your neck outside a heavy sweater or coat, or can be tucked in to keep the chill out.

6. At Waist

At Waist

Another great way of wearing scarves is to wrap a large scarf around your waist after a dip in the pool. They are not necessarily designed for soaking up any excess water, but they certainly look stylish. Plus, they can hide any areas that you may be feeling more modest about.

5. As Belt

As Belt

A scarf can be run through the belt loops of a pair of pants for an unexpected pop of color and a truly on trend look. You can tie the ends in a bow or, with a longer scarf, let them hang down at your side.

4. Knotted


For a blast from the past, let a scarf hang down around your neck. You can knot each end to finish the look. This was quite a popular way to wear a scarf in the 1970s, and is seeing a rise in popularity today.

3. As Bandeau Top

The contestants on Survivor have some creative ways to wear their scarves. One of the popular ways to wear scarves on that show is to twist it as a bandeau top. The idea of wearing so little can be freeing or nerve-racking depending on your personality. Try it.

2. Around Head

Around Head

In a return to 1960s glamour, Nicole Ritchie is often seen wearing a beautiful, silk scarf on her head. Generally the ends are tied at the back of the neck, underneath her hair, allowing the scarf’s design to be admired as intended.

1. Doubled Up at Neck

Doubled Up at Neck

An extremely popular trend is to wear a solid-colored scarf doubled up around the neck. There are about 101 ways to twist, tie and otherwise manipulate the scarf if you wear it this way; each one better than the last.

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