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Top 10 Functional Outdoor Space Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 18, 2012
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A list of the top ten functional outdoor spacesContributed by Top 10 Guru

A patio can be an empty slab of concrete or a welcoming part of your home for all to enjoy.

Turn your patio or outdoor space into another functional room of the house. There many ways to make the outdoors useful; take a look at these top ten tips for some ideas on how to create a the best functional outdoor space:

10. Create a reading room

A list of the top ten functional outdoor spaces

You can easily turn your outdoor space into a functional reading room with the addition of patio lighting. Just because the sun is setting the time spent in your outdoor doesn’t have to be ending too. Turn on your patio lights and get comfortable for some night time reading in the fresh outdoor air.

9. Buy comfortable seating


Get comfortable outdoor patio seating. Outdoor spaces can be made to look just like indoor rooms. There are tons of options for patio furniture and cushions that look just as nice as the furniture we have inside. You no longer need to have hideous weather-proof PVC pipe chairs and uncomfortable plastic wrapped cushions. There are even outdoor floor cushions available for extra patio seating.

8. Get shade

A list of the top ten functional outdoor spaces

Provide a shaded patio area. Your entire outdoor space doesn’t need to be shaded; however a portion of it should be. A shaded area will provide an escape from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Adding a large umbrella or canopy can reduce the temperature in your outdoor space and keep patio accessories from getting too hot.

7. Add a rug

A list of the top ten functional outdoor spaces

Put an outdoor rug over your patio flooring. Contrasting textures will give your patio a less rough feel. Outdoor rugs come in many colors and patterns so it’s likely you’ll find one to match your décor. Sometimes wood or concrete patios can be too hot underneath your feet. With the help of a comfy rug you’ll want to kick your shoes off and enjoy.

6. Add food prep area

A list of the top ten functional outdoor spaces

Open your own small café. Outdoor rooms are a perfect area to have a meal. With a table and some chairs you’re sure to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner in a new inviting environment. With the convenience of an outdoor portable grill you won’t need to go back and forth to the kitchen.

5. Plan your colors

A list of the top ten functional outdoor spaces

Create a color scheme with nature. Your patio décor can match the wildlife around your outdoor space. If you have red roses you can match them with red patio pillows or a red outdoor rug. Your potted plants can even match with a red planter box outside the house.

4. Plant vegetables

A list of the top ten functional outdoor spaces

Create your own fresh produce market with a vegetable plant, fruit tree or herb garden. There’s no better way to get fresh recipe ingredients than picking them yourself! There’s a sense of pride in growing your own food; give it a try in your new functional outdoor space.

3. Create relaxation area

A list of the top ten functional outdoor spaces

Design your own relaxation garden. Many people enjoy the sounds of the outdoors. Create an area for you to sit back, close your eyes and just listen to nature. This can be a great stress reliever and escape from the noises going on inside your home.

2. Make game space

A list of the top ten functional outdoor spaces

Make an area for some outdoor games. Everyone loves to play games and this is a great way to get some exercise time in too. Box-in a space for long-distance horse shoe throwing or a bean-bag toss. You’ll notice positive energy from playing outdoors compared to inside a stuffy room.

1. Put in a hot tub

A list of the top ten functional outdoor spaces

Make room for a hot tub or spa. Hot tubs can range from 2-seaters to 6-seaters. If you have a patio, there’s a likely chance you will have room for a hot tub. There’s no better way to relax after a long day than soaking in the warm spa water. You’ll be running to your new outdoor space with this addition!

Re-new your outdoor space with a practical and functional makeover. Fresh air may be exactly what your family and your home is missing. The outdoors can be enjoyed in so many ways; these top ten tips will be sure to point you in the right direction.

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