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Funny Reader’s Digest Books

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 30, 2015
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Reader's Digestby Info Guru Angela K. Van Winkle

Reader’s Digest has been America’s source for wit and wisdom since 1922, and it’s still going strong.

If you’re looking for a laugh, this publication – and the books written by it’s editors and regular contributors – has something for every age and taste.

10. Now That’s Funny! – Andy Simmons

Now That's Funny! - Andy Simmons

As the Reader’s Digest humor editor for eight years, Andy Simmons has read it all, and written even more. Having also edited comedy standard publications, Cracked and National Lampoon, he brings his fine-tuned funnybone to the table and lays out a feast of comedic zingers for even the most cynical of hearts.

9. Reader’s Digest Funny Family Jokes

Reader's Digest Funny Family Jokes

This is a great collection of jokes for humorists of all ages. From silly knock knock jokes to puns and everything in between, here lies a treasure trove of the funniest quips to amuse your dinner guests and bowl over your cleverest kindergartener.

8. Humor in Uniform

Humor in Uniform

The military may be a serious job, but don’t discount its capacity to illicit humor. (M.A.S.H.? Anyone?) Taken straight from the Reader’s Digest column, “Offbase” (fka “Humor in Uniform”), the editors have collected the best of the best side-splitting tales and jokes submitted by service-members and their families.

7. Laughter, The Best Medicine

Laughter, The Best Medicine

A great compilation of staff picks from the publication’s feature by the same name, this is a great overview of humor on all topics, big and small. Boasts over 600 jokes, quotes, and anecdotes.

6. The Office Book – Chloe Rhodes

 The Office Book - Chloe Rhodes

You know that soul-sucking place you go to five days a week (at least), and surrounded yourself with cubicle walls, fluorescent lighting in tube form, tropical plants (if you’re lucky), and other grumbling adults who wish they were somewhere else (if you’re not)? Chloe Rhodes does. It’s called The Office (dun-dun-dunnnnh), and she is going to help you get through the day alive, one punchline at a time.

5. The Dumb Book

The Dumb Book

These aren’t the Darwin Awards, though the concept is basically the same. This is a compilation of people at their, well, dumbest, all submitted by readers with stories to tell. Hey, we’re all human. Might as well learn to laugh at ourselves.

4. You Know You’re Middle Aged When… – Alison Rattle & Allison Vale

You Know You're Middle Aged When... - Alison Rattle & Allison Vale

Yuk, yuk, yuk, laugh it up. We all get older at some point. If gray hairs and gravity seem to be winning over your best efforts, this book is for you (or a loved one of a certain age).

3. The Decadent Housewife – Rosemary Counter

The Decadent Housewife - Rosemary Counter

Do you dream of being a “kept woman?” Have aspirations of becoming the perfect trophy wife (despite your imperfections)? The Decadent Housewife will have you faking housework and flirting away your responsibilities in no time.

2. How to Predict the Weather with a Cup of Coffee – Matthew Cole

How to Predict the Weather with a Cup of Coffee - Matthew Cole

How to Predict the Weather with a Cup of Coffee is the ultimate guide to modern-day MacGyverism. Bursting with hilarious life-hacks, you won’t be able to put it down. It’s not every day a book comes along that teaches you how to work your way to the front of the grocery line, or which Valentine’s Day treat works as a deodorant in a pinch, after all.

1. My Planet – Mary Roach

My Planet - Mary Roach

This is the complete collection of “My Planet” articles from popular columnist and best-selling author, Mary Roach, whose hilarious observations of life in America have left readers in stitches. She writes on everything from attempts to maintain a healthy diet to fashion to the pitfalls of internet self-diagnosis. This is hilarity everyone can relate to, and no one should miss.

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