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Best of … funny things to wear

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 9, 2011
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A list of the best of funny things to wearContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

While the first, natural inclination when reviewing a list of the best funny things to wear is to focus attention on the oh-I-thought-it-was-stylish pants hanging down around the ankles and hats perfectly askew, I promise to abstain.

Besides, that’s just too easy.

Now that the ground rules have been established, let’s move on to the best of funny things to wear list.

Faux spilled brew

Don’t waste a drop

A list of the best of funny things to wear

Historically spilling beer on yourself was one of, if not the, ultimate party foul; perfectly good beer utterly wasted. It’s the kind of thing that’ll get you kicked out of the party and not-so-politely asked to never to return. Thankfully, as we’ve matured (and found Crazy Shirts online) we’ve come to realize that not only is it okay, we can actually wear it with pride! Beer-dyed T-shirts; man, I love progress.

Humorous lounging gear

Relax with the Stooges

A list of the best of funny things to wear

First, I must say it’s about time serious lounging warrants it’s own line of clothing; finally. As with any activity, donning the appropriate togs can make or break the results, and you don’t want to mess this up. Sort of the ‘don’t show up to a gun fight with a knife’ sort of thing, it’s all about preparation. Now you can add some funny things to wear to a solid day of lounging by going old-school, really old school, with the always in style Three Stooges from Catalog Favorites.

Let ‘em know you’re protected

Hard hats aren’t just for building sites

Custom hard hats

You know the kind. The manager who can’t seem to say anything nice…or anything below a shout. The partner who seems to delight in piling on the complaints. Or maybe it’s a brother or sister who hasn’t left sibling rivalry in the past.

Let them all know you’re ready for their onslaught of verbal attacks with a custom imprinted hard hat from Construction Gear with your own pithy come-back.

As an added bonus, you’ll also have one more piece of your zombie apocalypse kit on-hand! And that’s always a good thing!

Ready for “Bear” feet?

A new definition of fashion footware?

bear claw slippers

You can keep your tootsies warm and safe and still follow the medical advice (well, sort of!) with theses realistic Bear Claw Slippers from Things You Never Knew Existed.

Add a furry hat and a fuzzy warm jacket and you’ll look the part from head to toe. Now that’s an outfit worthy to wear to a middle-of-the-night trip to Denny’s!

Zombie chic

If you can’t beat ‘em…

zombie make up

Sure, it’s all the rage now. Zombie TV shows, zombie books and even zombie home decor. I think it’s crazy to think you can save yourself from the impending zombie attack by dressing up to look like one of them. But, you know, it just might work. And lucky for you, Halloween stores have the make-up, wigs, fake blood and accessories to look like moaning masses on “The Walking Dead”.


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