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Best of … gag jokes

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 7, 2011
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A list of the best of gag jokesContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Everyone loves a good gag joke.

From the classic Groucho Marx glasses to whoopee cushions, a great gag puts everyone in good humor. To pull off the perfect joke, these five online stores are bound to have something for everyone’s “taste.”

These stores bring you the best of retro gags, word puns and just plain silliness.

Things You Never Knew Existed

Funny at your fingertips

A list of the best of gag jokes

Who else but Things You Never Knew would come up with a whoopee cushion keychain? The keychain is handy, convenient, and always at your fingertips to play the perfect gag joke on anyone thinking about sitting in the chair next to you! (Hint: Not recommended for your boss, girlfriend or the old lady down the street.) Things You Never Knew Existed takes great pride in their gag gifts that shock, fart, or gross out anyone within range. Searching the world over for the “un-ordinary” this online store always satisfies.

Flirty Aprons

Fun at the grill

mens funny grill aprons

He’s the guy who always volunteers for grill duty. He’s out there at every cookout , campout and company picnic, spatula and grill seasoning in hand. Flirty Aprons thinks grill guy should be recognized, so they’ve created a line of funny grilling aprons to add some laughs to his otherwise serious bar-b-que duties.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

Let the world know they’re counting on it

Wish you were beer mug

Okay, so they can’t actually fill your mug with a tall cold one. But they can dream, can’t they? Let them live on island time just a little bit with one the Margaritaville Caribbean mugs, t-shirts, signs and decorations.

One look at this “Wish you were beer” mug, and all those stresses at work will vanish. The only risk is that everyone else at the office will want one of these funny mugs! (We won’t tell if you really do use it for beer… after all, everything is good on the island!)

A cure for what ails you

Silly prescriptions when laughter the cure

funny Rx pads

Maybe it’s those every day aches and pains. Maybe it’s a bad day at work, or trouble with the ex. No matter what the ailment, there’s sure to be something on these silly prescription pads from eMed Decor and More to take the edge off and bring a smile to someone’s face.

Give them to the doctor or nurse in your family — it’s a great way to sidestep those inevitable party questions about “this pain” or “that itch.” Med students, dentists and just everyday folks love handing them out too. They’re perfect for the person with a stressful work environment, too (although we wouldn’t recommend giving a “prescription” for chill pills to your boss!)

Because clothes can be funny, too

Silly pictures, funny messages, great shirts

Funny squirrel shirts

It’s up to you to save them! They always dress, well, normally. You know, plain t-shirt — yawn. Or even worse, something dull like the free shirt they got from the bank’s grand opening ten years ago.

But you can change all that with a cheeky, silly t-shirt that will make people stop them in the market so they can read it. And even better, great illustrations that make even grumpy movie theater line people smile. Yup, you owe it to those you love to rescue them from clothing boredom with designs. They have shirts with squirrels. They have shirts with cats and dogs. They even have shirts that show the funny side of camping.

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