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Best of … gifts for a budding young scientist

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 15, 2011
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One of the best of gifts for a budding young scientistContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Like all parents and concerned adults, if we can do to spark the mind of child instead of melting it with video games like so much nuclear waste, this would be a good thing. What better way to show you really care then getting the perfect gift for your young scientist, a.k.a. Nobel Prize winner?

To get you started, here are the best of the best gifts for a budding young scientist.

Great Courses Online

Streaming information, delivered

Of course there’s always school. But for so many really smart kids, the science classes offered in school are rather thin. Far too much time is spent reading from an outdated text book or listening to a bored teacher drone on, and far too little time is devoted to getting kids really excited about science. These are top-notch video classes from some of the country’s leading colleges and universities.

Your budding researcher can have access for a fraction of the price of even one credit hour on campus or at an online college site. A wonderful choice for homeschooled students, too!

Science Tools

Basic science lover gear, from micro to macro

If not for yourself, do it for your young scientist. You must realize that other young scientists are laughing at him. “What!” they bellow in a pretentious, scoffing tone “You don’t even have a microscope? What a wannabe!” Only you and science resources can put an end to this torment; and quite possibly a scarred scientific mind. No longer will your child suffer the shame and indignity of having the proverbial science sand kicked in their face.

And with the great prices, you might even be able to take them a rung or two above the gear the other local geeks are sporting in their home labs!

Plus, he or she can check out all those cool things that really gross out parents like dust mites, eyelash bugs and the things that swim around in your drinking glass. They’ll love it — you might never leave your bedroom again! (No wait, that’s where the dust mites live!)

Hands-on science

Because doing is learning

One of the best ways to learn about science is by getting in there and doing it. And that’s exactly what kids can do when you set them loose with the goodies from a science catalog. They have everything from kits to components, robotics to rocks and minerals. Their open selection encourages kids to combine things in new ways, instead of just following directions on a classroom worksheet.

And that means even kids can do real science. Now how awesome is that?! (Just be sure to lock up the car, lawn mower, home computer and anything else they might be tempted to attack for extra parts!)

Skeltons, anyone?

A peek inside the skin

skeleton model

Aspiring biologist, future doctors and the just-curious-about-science kids will all love learning from a life-sized model of the human skeleton from the 3D Science Scientificscatalog. They offer life-sized models for a realistic view of just what keeps us all from melting into a pile of mush. Or for the budget-minded (or those with a small room), there are also mini-sized versions. Every skeleton and other model from the catalog is made with the greatest attention to detail, so your kids will learn about what’s really inside.

Suggested Science Product Catalogs


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