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Gifts for Social Media Addicts

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 19, 2014
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social media giftsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Many of us have that person in our lives who can’t stop/ won’t stop tweeting.

Lunch arrives and she just has to Instagram it before you can take a bite. He’s at the front of the line every time any new shiny gadget comes out.

These gifts for social media addicts are bound to further divide their attention, but they’ll also make them happy. And if they’re happy you’re happy. Right?

10. Digital camera with Smartphone connectivity

digital camera

Yes, digital cameras have been around for some time now, but odds are your favorite tweeter hasn’t pulled his out in a while, not when Smartphones make uploading and sharing photos so much easier. But if he really cares about the quality of his pictures, a smart digital camera with an interchangeable lens and the capability to connect to a phone is just the thing to improve the quality of his posts without slowing him down.

9. Social fitness device

Social fitness device

For friends with big fitness goals and supportive followers, posting and sharing progress is incredibly motivating. Devices like Fitbit act like a pedometer – recording steps taken and distance traveled in a day – and sync with Facebook and Twitter so the daily journey can be shared in real time.

8. Stitchagrams


Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are notoriously addictive in part because they provide a steady, eclectic supply of eye candy. Stitchagrams play with our love of all things visual by allowing you to turn a collage of chosen photos into useful items – like pillows, purses, totes and Christmas stockings. You design the item, pulling images directly from your recipient’s social media accounts, and the item arrives all sewn up and ready to impress.

7. Couch pillow

Couch pillow

As far as pampering gifts for social media addicts go, you won’t get much cushier than a pillow that helps him get social in comfort. Seriously, a luxurious organic pillow will help him blog, comment and go viral without hurting his back.

6. Tweeting gloves

fingerless gloves

These handy accessories with reinforced fingertips – or fingertips completely left out – come in every design and material, including leather and colorful knits. Tweeting gloves will keep her hands warm while allowing her to text to her heart’s content without having to take them off.

5. Phone case

phone case

Those who depend on their phone to keep up with friends on Facebook and news on Twitter know these pricey devices goes through some major wear and tear. Phone cases are stylish accessories designed to protect the precious.

4. Personalized flash drive

Personalized flash drive

We could all use more storage in our lives, especially those continuously creating content for blogs and social media accounts. But plain old flash drive has the heart-warming gift potential as a new broom. That is, unless it’s a flash drive personalized with her brand – either her name, Twitter handle or website.

3. Gift card

Gift card

While not as satisfying to wrap, a gadget shop gift card lets your social media fanatic choose exactly what she wants. From Smartphone watches, to a personal GPS so she can accurate relay on foot adventurers, modern gadgets will keep her connected to you and all of her followers.

2. Subscription to Flickr Pro

Subscription to Flickr Pro

In the spirit of the season, embrace his new found passion for selfies. Enable him to share said selfies with the world in unlimited quantities with a Pro subscription to Flickr. Since a linked Flickr account can now feed to Twitter, so a Pro subscription is like opening the floodgates for them. How thoughtful.

1. Coffee


Not all gifts for social media addicts require a login. A soothing cup of organic coffee is just the thing to take the edge off when the Twitter Fail Whale pops up and she has important things to tell thousands of friends. It’ll also help her appreciate some of life’s more delicious, solitary experiences.

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