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Gifts that Make Us Sentimental

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 21, 2015
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sentimental giftsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

It’s not easy to find something special that expresses how important someone is to you.

Meaningful presents often have a story or positive message behind them. They may symbolize a relationship and make the recipient feel the love, gratitude and respect you have for them.

These top gifts that make us sentimental tug at the heartstrings.

10. Personalized photo décor

Personalized photo décor

Share a treasured memory with a personalized photo gift. Simply have a photo printed on a pillow, mug, quilt or other home good. Practical and decorative, the real value is in the warmth your recipient will feel every time they rest their head or sip their mug and smile at a fond memory. For best results, use a high resolution digital photograph.

9. Good time gags

Good time gags

Not all sentiments bring a tear to the eye – well, tears of embarrassment perhaps. Siblings and best friends, some occasions call for wildly inappropriate gifts and it’s your mission to deliver. Joke gifts for guys and gals come in all shapes and sizes from superhero snuggies and gigantic flasks, to bearded ski masks and sexy-shaped pasta.

8. Religious gifts

religious gifts

Religious gifts honor your shared hopes, joys and faith. They remind loved ones they’re never alone and offer comfort. A framed photograph of a communion, baptism or a bat mitzvah documents a spiritual journey, while a cross or other jewelry stays close to the heart.

7. Doodled kitchenware

Doodled kitchenware

DIY and life-hacking blogs are filled with fun, meaningful gifts you can make on a budget, like doodle mugs. All you need to customize dishes or mugs is a Sharpie and some cheap, white ceramic kitchen ware. Doodle the family tree, his home state, write a personalize message or the lyrics to a love song. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes to set.

6. Push presents

heart pendant from Orit Schatzman

Some gifts that make us sentimental carry a small, tangible piece of the most precious moments in our shared lives. Surprise the mother of your new baby with a heart pendant featuring gemstones for their little love’s birthday. This one-of-a-kind keepsake jewelry is the perfect “Push Present.”

5. Music boxes

Music boxes

Music unlocks some of our sweetest memories of childhood and family times. Choose a memory, jewelry or music box with a tune that’ll escort her down Memory Lane. Some are made to hold watches or jewelry while others like memory boxes store precious photographs.

4. Charm bracelet

Charm bracelet

Charm jewelry is one of the most popular gifts that make us sentimental. How could they not? Chosen charms signify important times and relationships as well as hobbies, places, passions, achievements. Wearing this jewelry is like wearing the highlight reel of your life.

3. Framed photographs

Framed photographs

Grandparents, aunts and other extended family can’t help but light up when they’re around tiny new members of the family. Framed photographs of the people they love is a timeless way to show the feeling is mutual. And they’ll be able to show off they’re beautiful family to friends.

2. Family heirlooms

Family heirlooms

Antiques, quilts and jewelry passed down from one generation to the next are among the things people around the world hold most dear. These items are an integral part of the family’s history. When it’s time to pass down your mother’s ring or grandfather’s watch, make sure to pass down the stories as well.

1. Book of family recipes

Book of family recipes

Family recipes are foodie heirlooms that come straight from the heart of the home. Take the time to record your grandma’s magical bread pudding recipe, dad’s signature chili and mom’s special sauce. Contribute a few of your own and ask siblings to do so, too. Organize them in a box or recipe book and give to everyone in the family to preserve the flavors of your past and nourish the future.

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