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Golf Tournament Planning Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 24, 2014
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golf tournamentby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Organizing a golf tournament is a popular fundraising method.

It also stimulates golfing communities, brings attention to local courses and provides a fun, engaging way to bring golfers at all levels together. Whether you’re preparing for a charity or corporate event, the steps to arrange and execute a rewarding event are essentially the same.

These golf tournament planning tips include all you need to know from best practices and sponsorships, to making sure everyone has a good time.

10. Arrival gift

Arrival gift

An early sign of a successful event is a good turn out. Welcoming them with a sports-themed arrival gift is an easy way to get them through the door. More importantly, it’ll help them remember the event next year. Choose and eye-catching, functional item everyone uses like a branded drink tumbler to keep beverages hot or cold.

9. Find the right course

Find the right course

Many areas boast a number of courses to choose from. Call around first as some require a minimum number of participants. There are advantages to both public and private courses. Public ones are open to everyone and depend on the business of tournaments while private ones tend to host events from members only with a few exceptions. The exclusivity of a private course can be a huge draw and you may even know a member happy to vouch for you if you ask around.

8. Promotional items

golf promo bags

Companies agree to sponsor these types of activities in exchange for direct access to their target market. Allow them to contribute branded, promotional items for the gift bag. Plus your participants will see added value in walking away with a new umbrella, pen or tote.

7. Accept volunteers

Accept volunteers

Accepting volunteers is a simple way to minimize expenses and allows people interested in your organization who don’t golf to still be a part of the festivities. Common places to solicit volunteers include community groups, employees of the organization, sponsors and active donors. Schedule them to work on event day helping with set up, welcoming participants and lending helping hands to ensure things go smoothly.

6. Hold an auction

Hold an auction

Increase the day’s revenue potential by holding a silent auction. It provides an activity to keep participants engaged between playing and the awards ceremony. Approach potential donors seeking a mix of big ticket items like vacation packages and smaller items golfers are interested in, like resort clothing for future trips.

5. Divide and conquer

Divide and conquer

Getting the word out is critical to these golf tournament planning tips and it should be a group effort. Divide the volunteers and people on your team into committees, each responsible for reaching out to different sponsors, donors and potential participants. Once you establish fundraising goals and a budget, determine how many registrants you need to reach those goals. Keep teams on the same page so there’s no redundancy in essential golf accessory prizes or two groups going after the same sponsors.

4. Contests


Golf tournament planning tips call for both organization and opportunities to make your event stand out. Adding a few contests to the festivities ups the challenge factor for more experienced players and adds more energy to the overall day. Prizes can range from promotional hats and golf shirts to clubs.

3. Closing ceremony

Closing ceremony

The awards ceremony usually takes place after a dinner or cocktail hour. Use this time to thank donors, volunteers and sponsors, award prizes and talk about the important role the event will play in your organization’s future.

2. Select a format

 Select a format

Golfing is not a speedy game. To ensure every player gets to swing, talk with the venue’s tournament coordinator and choose a format suited to the scale of your event. “The scramble” is a common one because it works with 4-player teams and requires that each members’ drive be chosen at least three times.

1. Red carpet treatment

Red carpet treatment

Delegate responsibilities so your players, donors and sponsors are treated like rock stars during activities. People remember how they’re treated and when those memories are all positive they’re bound to return next year. Use attractive, high quality signage for sponsor messages and acknowledge them during the ceremony. Train volunteers to treat everyone like a major donor. If that means helping to retrieve balls, prepared to get a little wet.

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