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Best of … good dressing for men

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 11, 2012
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A list of the best of good dressing for menContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Contrary to popular belief, good dressing for men isn’t always about the suit and tie.

In fact, more often than not a well dressed man is well dressed because his duds are appropriate to the situation and surroundings. A tuxedo is nice no doubt about it, but sliding into the club? Nah, you’d be slam-danced to death and probably deserve it.

So with a few different engagements and scenarios in mind let’s take a look at the best of good dressing for men.


Modern styling

A list of the best of good dressing for men

There are a couple articles of clothing that are necessary when discussing good dressing for men, regardless of the occasion. The right shirt is one of them; it is great for preppy, sportswear-inspired clothing including quality shirts, vests, and outerwear. A quick peek at an online showroom will show you the latest season’s style.


Classy accessories

A list of the best of good dressing for men

Accessories. Usually when considering the right accessories for the evening or outing the first thought is women’s jewelry, maybe the right bag; that sort of thing. Well, the same thing applies to the appropriately dressed man as well. Though necklaces and bracelets may be a bit much, most every man can appreciate just the right watch. And you can do a lot worse than Stauer when it comes to the right men’s jewelry and watches. Not to mention the money you’ll save. This Stauer Titanium watch? About a ¼ of the retail price. Now THAT’S good dressing for men.


When formality is a must

A list of the best of good dressing for men

Some occasions call for just the right tux. Could be a wedding, or most any formal affair. Rentals are an option of course but they… well, they look like rentals. Time to break down and round out the wardrobe with just the right formal attire. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better place than Uniformalwearhouse for just the right set up.

Western Wear Stores

All-American look

A list of the best of good dressing for men

Show up to Swing Night in a pair of penny loafers? You’d get kicked; literally and figuratively, out of the joint. Nah, that’s an occasion for just the right boots, ideally something that will look just right under a pair of jeans or even dressier, a pair of slacks. Whatever your preferred style, cut or look, a “cowboy store” will hook you up.

Leather Coats Etc.

Stylish biker attire

A list of the best of good dressing for men

Good dressing for men isn’t restricted to what you look like when you get there. Rollin’ up to the party or gathering on your bike in just the right leather jacket should be a prerequisite to owning a bike. Or maybe it already is? I think it depends on the State. Anyway, that’s the line of reasoning behind Leather Coats Etc. biking jackets, and there is certainly a method to their madness. They’ve got a full line of coats for the biker, but proudly displaying your patriotism while gliding in is a tough one to beat.

Good Old Blue Jeans

Denim is always right

A list of the best of good dressing for men

Now we’re talkin’. One of the most durable and flexible items of clothing on the planet is the tried and true pair of jeans. Fit for many an occasion, these jeans are the relaxed version of the classic. But of course being Lee Jeans, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Perfect for the club with just the right sweater or shirt, or you can even throw on a casual blazer and get away with an evening at a nice restaurant. And if you’re the thrifty sort there’s no better place to shop than the Lee online store.

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