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Great Executive Gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 27, 2013
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executive giftsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Shopping for the movers and shakers in your life is not an easy task.

They work extremely long hours and are accustomed to certain luxuries, like fine dining and first class. On top of that they seem to already have everything they need and want. So what’s left?

Check out these top executive gifts to find the latest in high-performance items designed to make busy lives a little easier.

10. Business Bags

Business Bags

Smart phones and iPads have rendered many of the heavy, clunky gadgets unnecessary in today’s business world. Business accessories, like the modern briefcase or laptop bag, are more essential today than ever before. Top-level professionals who travel often require a high quality bag for storing and organizing everything they need to carry on with business as usual wherever they are.

9. Fine Cigars

Fine Cigars

When the professional in your life insists on not needing anything, it’s safe to assume they speak the truth. If you know they smoke the occasional smoke, surprise them with a box of famous, fine cigars. Whether it’s a holiday or company celebration cigars are a universal gesture of respect.

8. Wine Gift Baskets

Wine gift baskets

There is no better way to coax an over-achiever into taking a much needed break like a a generous basket of wine, cheese and chocolate delights. Select your personal favorite so the present has more meaning, or do a bit of research to find out which region is preferred. Spirited executive gifts are simple way to show appreciation. Cheers.

7. Watches


An elegant luxury watch is more than a timepiece. They demonstrate the seamless blend of style and function in a way that’s impossible to miss. From vintage-inspired pieces with sun/moon subdials to steel models of precision, high end watches are the kind of present that can last the recipient a lifetime.

6. Cufflinks


Traditional executive gifts like classic cufflinks are charming in their timelessness. Modern business fashion encourages tailored silhouettes, and cufflinks are the perfect accessory to achieve this well put together look. Silver or gold cufflinks engraved with your recipient’s initials make for a thoughtful yet personalized token.

5. Spa Bath and Body Set

Spa Bath and Body Set

There comes a time during every spa lover’s visit when you wish you could wrap up the whole experience in a lovely box and give it to everyone. The whole relaxing experience, minus the masseuse, is available in a range of spa gift sets. Call it relaxation on the go.

4. Clone


Want to really knock his socks off without freaking him out at all? Clone him. The specifics of this process are still hush hush, but don’t let that stop you from making his deepest “I wish there were two of me” wish come true. You’ll probably need to send a sample of his DNA to your neighborhood science lab and mark the clone with a sticker so you can tell them apart.

3. Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories

Not every item within an executive’s reach must serve a practical purpose, but it’s rather handy when they do. Take a peek at her work or home desk to see what would make life a little easier. If you can hardly find your way, she needs a desk lamp. If her coffee cup is holding down a major client’s contract, best get her paperweight.

2. A Small Pillow

A Small Pillow

Power naps are an unlimited resource, rarely tapped by those who need them most. While you may not be able to sneak into his office, turn off the lights and enforce nap time, you can gift him with a subtle, comfortable pillow to support his head.

1. Power Books

Power Books

Type A executives are always on the lookout for impactful books on leadership skills and methods of self-improvement. Businessweek offers a variety of fiction and non-fiction suggestions with the Best Books of 2012, According to Business Leaders. The benefit of recent, well-received books is that she probably hasn’t read most of them yet.

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