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Best of … great room decorating

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 26, 2011
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One of the best of great room decorating ideasContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Decorating tastes, or lack thereof, are about as subjective as anything can be.

There are some poor, nameless souls who are “able” to see the subtle elegance of a well positioned beer can collection, particularly when it’s prominently displayed in the formal dining area. Others; not so much.

So what makes great room decorating you may ask. The answer; variety. With so many disparate tastes, or lack thereof, it just makes sense to explore as many options as time allows. With that in mind, I submit the following best great room decorating ideas; sans the beer cans. This is decorating not just for the “great room,” but to make every room in your home great.

Great drapes

Rich fabrics

One of the best of great room decorating ideas

There are few things in this world that scream elegance like silk, as all of the gorgeous options from Half Price Drapes will attest. Of course, the flipside of all that silky elegance is a hefty price tag; usually. Not the case here; these beautiful drapes are almost always substantially discounted from the original price, and you get free shipping! With the way these will transform your entire room, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better use of your decorating budget.

Great rug

Make a statement

One of the best of great room decorating ideas

Area rugs are a great room decorating addition, in large part because of their simplicity. An appropriately placed rug will alter an entire room, so let’s make it a good one. Oriental Weavers Sphinx rug was actually made in Egypt, which is why the design emits a wonderful Egyptian feel. Oh, and take a few minutes to read some of the comments from existing customers regarding this beautiful area rug; turns out it’s every bit as durable as it is tasteful.

Great style

For country tastes

One of the best of great room decorating ideas

One thing about a country décor, it’s nearly impossible to feel uncomfortable. The aged look always adds character, whether it’s a simple accent or a statement piece like this four drawer cabinet. In addition to an outstanding line-up of aged accessories, you can also find a line of furnishings and great room decorating ideas for most every part of the home. I can smell the cakes on the griddle already.

Great Designers

Leave it to professionals

One of the best of great room decorating ideas

Let’s face it, great room decorating isn’t for everyone; remember the beer can collector? For some, working with a professional designer, one that will listen to what you want and is able to translate your vision into a beautiful home is the way to go. Perla Lichi Interior Designers is a great option for those who want to leave it to the professionals. If you’re not in or near one of the dozens of areas around the world Perla and her team work, check out her site, she has a ton of ideas and resources to get you started.

Great Beds

Substantial style

One of the best of great room decorating ideas

When it comes to bedrooms, great room decorating doesn’t end with the bed frame, but it certainly begins with it. It’s simply too large and prominently placed to ignore. With that in mind, finding the right style for your needs should begin with a quick visit to Touch of Class. In addition to this traditional style Denley Frame, they offer a selection for virtually every taste and décor.


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