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Guys Shorts Styles

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 24, 2013
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men's shortsContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

Summer is right around the corner and that means it’s time to put away the long pants and put on your favorite shorts.

If you’ve got those pasty white winter legs like me, you can call attention away from them with some of these great new guys shorts styles that are fashionable, fun and fit for the beach, the park or wherever you go for summer sun.

10. Cut-Offs


Old jeans never die – they become a pair of cut-off shorts. These are the shorts to wear when working in the yard or garden or drinking beer in the backyard with just the guys.

9. Cycling


If you actually cycle or were born with the muscular thighs and glutes that cycling shorts are meant to show off, go for it. If the closest thing you have to a cyclist’s look is a tire, stick with looser-fitting shorts.

8. Khaki


Khaki shorts are the no-brainers – they go with everything and can be worn for any occasion, just like their long pants brothers.

7. Cargo


Like their longer brothers, cargo shorts have more pockets than you need, so don’t feel obligated to put something in each one. They’re a casual look, so don’t wear them to a nice restaurant or a dressy party.

6. Plaid


The original plaid shorts were often called madras shorts after the plaid fabric from India. Plaid shorts are usually cotton or seersucker and are a good look for casual activities rather than formal settings where the loud patterns might disturb others

5. Lederhosen


If you’re into suspenders, beer and oomp-pa-pa, leather ledershosen are the only shorts to wear. Not for hot weather, the beach or formal occasions, but great for a trip to Munich.

4. Athletic


Athletic or gym shorts can be nylon like basketball shorts or cotton like short sweatpants. They’re good for backyard activities but not for going out or driving since they typically don’t have pockets for keys or wallets.

3. Board shorts

board shorts

Board shorts are perfect if you don’t want to change when you leave the beach for a restaurant, shopping or club. They’re basically knee-length or longer swim trunks in bright colors and patterns.

2. Chino


Chinos are the shorts to wear for dressier occasions. They look neat and crisp and are usually longer than casual or sporty shorts.

1. Bermuda


The classic Bermuda shorts are knee-length and have a tailored look that can include cuffs. Wear a nice belt and pair these shorts with a dress shirt, tie and a jacket for summer formal or evening wear.

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