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Best of … hat attitude styles

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 1, 2011
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One of the best of hat attitude stylesContributed by Samantha Rose, Top 10 Guru

Nothing, really nothing, gives you attitude more quickly than a great hat.

Your outfit can be perfect, your shoes just the right height and look, and still there is just a je ne sais quoi that is missing from your look. The solution is almost always as easy as a hat – not any hat, just the right hat for the time of year, your hair, your mood.

Here are the very best of hat attitude styles to top whatever fashion you are rockin:

Big fur hat

Warm and sexy

One of the best of hat attitude styles

Channel your inner sex kitten or Eastern block spy in a fur hat from Fabulous Furs. Animal-friendly faux fur keeps your head warm and works with anything from jeans and a sweatshirt to a pencil skirt and leather stilettos. Try contrasting the fur with your own hair color. So hot, so mysterious, this hat gives you attitude without even trying.

Slogan cap

State your position

One of the best of hat attitude styles

Running errands? Doing laundry? Walking the dog? A hat with a slogan that states you position on anything has way more attitude than a bad hair day anyday. Look through the options to find something quirky and just right for you. This will be the cap you wear all the time. Let people know what you believe in.

Bucket Hat

Preppy and old school

One of the best of hat attitude style

A “bucket hat”? What, you say … but I’m telling you this is a go-everywhere hat, except of course that fincy dinner event. Slouchy, cool, very preppy and ultimately old-school this canvas classic from The Tog Shop is not just your mom’s gardening hat. Believe me, you’ll look cool in a t and denim skirt, white keds and this cute hat. Pile on the eye makeup for a flirty look with attitude.

All Weather Hat

For the equestrian set

One of the best of hat attitude styles

What has more attitude than a hat that’s meant to work? This all weather hat is more than a “cowboy hat,” it’s a real oilskin beauty from Back in the Saddle that would be at home on the range or on campus. How cool would this looks with a pair of ankle boots, black denim and a textured sweater. Seriously cool attitude, and not a hat for the shy and retiring!

Glamour Hat

Seriously over-the-top style

One of the best of hat attitude styles

Hats are not supposed to be for the faint-of-heart. If you’re going to do it, I say, do it with all the attitude you can muster. For the wedding, fancy luncheon or even a night out, go totally understated – like that little black dress – and then WOW them with a hat from WomenSkirtSuits. You can go way over the top, or choose something chic and very very stylish. There are even some sweet, sparkly little cloches that would work at the nightclub. These are hats that are going to get noticed, so prepare yourself, and get your attitude face on.


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