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Hearing Trouble Causes

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 23, 2013
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hearing troubleContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

Contrary to popular belief, difficulty in hearing is not a normal sign of aging. Hearing trouble causes run the gamut from hereditary to environmental, but all lead to frustration, embarrassment and isolation.

If you suspect hearing loss in yourself or a loved one, talk to your doctor today.

10. Prolonged exposure to loud noises

Prolonged Exposure to Loud Noises

Anyone who has ever been to a rock-n-roll concert knows this one. Even if you have the nose bleed seats, you walk out of there with your ears ringing and the potential for a future hearing aid. Not good.

9. Hereditary


Certain hearing loss problems are hereditary and cannot be stopped or controlled. Some improvement may be attained with the use of a custom hearing aid.

8. Earwax


Some people have a natural propensity for excessive earwax. It can build up in the canal, possibly become impacted, and, on occasion, cause temporary hearing loss.

7. Medication


Reactions to medications can lead to trouble with hearing for some. In fact, for some women in particular, extended use of anti-inflammatory drugs can lead to impaired hearing and moderate hearing loss.

6. Infection


A common reason for hearing trouble causes in children is infection. Their Eustachian tube is shorter and more prone to infection, which includes fluid building up behind the eardrum and, possibly, the rupturing of the ear drum.

5. Abnormal bone growth

Abnormal Bone Growth

Otosclerosis is a disease where abnormal bone growth blocks the sound as it travels to the middle ear. Although generally occurring in early adulthood, doctors believe that it may be related to having measles as a child.

4. Tumors


Obviously cancer is an insidious disease that can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. When tumors are found in and around the ear, it can lead to hearing problems.

3. Sudden Blast

Sudden Blast

Much like concert-goers, those who experience a loud blast from an explosion or similar event are prone to hearing loss, both temporary and permanent.

2. Sudden Pressure

Sudden Pressure

Changes in pressure within the eardrum from flying or scuba diving can also wreak havoc on one’s hearing. In fact, the damage may be so great that it may result in profound hearing loss.

1. Sharp Object

Sharp Object

As odd as this may sound, damage from a sharp object is one of the most prevalent causes of hearing trouble. Don’t stick stuff in your ears, people.


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