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Best of … help for bad knees

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 15, 2012
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A list of the best of help for bad kneesContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

There comes a time when most of us may need a little extra help with sore joints, especially bad knees.

Whether you are suffering from a sports injury or your age just seems to be catching up with you, aching knees can slow you down. Your knees bear the brunt of our weight, so if you enjoy jogging, playing tennis, or just going for a leisurely stroll, don’t let your knees keep you sidelined.

These five online stores offer help for bad knees and make it easy to continue enjoying an active, independent lifestyle.

Canes and Walking Sticks

Vertical support

A list of the best of help for bad knees

Who says walking with a cane can’t be stylish and even a little sexy! You can make your own personal statement when you choose a walking stick. You can go for a walk through your favorite park with a cane crafted in the design of a trusty, loyal companion – in this case a Labrador. When it comes to help for bad knees, Fashionable Canes has everything you need to get up and around. They have cane handles that are crafted of pewter, embedded with rhinestones, fashioned in skull shapes, and royal designs. Sitting at dinner with guests? Fashionable Canes has canes that fold when not in use. Not only do they offer help for bad knees, but you can find canes for the seeing impaired and tip accessories that grip in snow and bad weather.

All Lift Chairs

Get a boost

A list of the best of help for bad knees

Why struggle to get out of your chair after watching your favorite movie or reading the latest bestseller? All Lift Chairs has the answer for bad knees and the ultimate in sitting comfort. Simply push a button on this electric lift chair to be gently lifted to a standing position. All Lift Chairs takes the strain off bad backs and knees when trying to stand up from a sitting position. All Lift Chairs also has mobility aids to assist around the home or if out visiting friends or family. Portable seat lift cushions adapt to any chair allowing you to stand freely on your own without assistance.

3B Scientific – Therapy and Wellness

Therapeutic relief

A list of the best of help for bad knees

Want a quick remedy to the age old problem of aching knees and stiff joints? 3B Scientific has the physical therapy tools and supplies for help with bad knees. They have hot and cold therapy supplies to bring relief to your trouble spots. Simply rub into your knees to get ready for an enjoyable bicycle ride or stroll through the neighborhood. Take control over the quality of your life with the therapy tools you can use in the privacy of your own home…even while you sleep! Besides bad knee therapy, 3B Scientific Massage & Therapy has balance boards to improve coordination, memory foam pillows, wedges, and more.

Ithaca Sports

Brace support

A list of the best of help for bad knees

Do your knees need a little extra support from a sports injury? Ithaca Sports has the knee braces to protect injured knees and sports guards to prevent future injuries. Why take yourself out of the game when this innovative knee brace has a gel buttress for comfortable compression below the knee cap to decrease pain. If your lifestyle orients around sports, Ithaca Sports keeps you ahead of the pack. From sports medicine first aid supplies to support braces, you can keep running, jogging, or playing team sports without injuries to bad knees cramping your style.


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