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Best of … help getting up

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 16, 2012
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A list of the best of help getting upContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Everyone could use a little help every now and then to get up.

Whether you need help getting up from a low cushioned couch or a little extra help rising from that cold bathroom toilet seat, there are many ways to stay independent and enjoy all your daily activities. For those with limited mobility or arthritis pain, this pick of online stores has the “best of” for solutions in getting up and staying active.


Recliner for comfort and ease

A list of the best of help getting up

Relax in an Ameriglide recliner without the worry of a stiff back or knees preventing you from getting up out of the chair. The heavy-duty steel lift gently rises and tilts forward easing you to a standing position effortlessly. Whether you like to nap in your favorite recliner or watch a little television, the Ameriglide recliner offers comfort and support. Ameriglide is a leader in mobility solutions and has the answers for getting around your home and when out shopping for essentials. From stair lifts to wheelchair lifts, getting up and around couldn’t be easier.

All Lift Chairs

Bath lifts

best of help getting up bath lifts

Everyone likes a little privacy in the bathroom. These aids from All Lift Chairs give you the security to get in and out of the bath in safety, providing those who have lost the strength to get up from the bathtub some assistance.

You can go about your daily hygiene and grooming in the solitude of your own bath. They offer a variety of mobility devices to keep you active around the house.

Active Living Stores

Swiveling car cushion

A list of the best of help getting up

Senior living stores believe in the longevity and quality of life and give you a hand in enjoying the activities you love. Take for instance, this handy car swivel-seat cushion. If you need a little extra help in getting up out of the car or any other vehicle, the swivel seat twists so your feet are placed firmly on the ground without wrenching your back. You can get in and out of your vehicle confidently while avoiding back strain. Look for products designed for the active senior and provides physical therapy aids, walkers, and safety aids.

Traditional Canes

Walking sticks for support

A list of the best of help getting up

Need a little help getting up and want to look sporty at the same time? Fashionable Canes has every imaginable style you could possibly want to choose from. From flashy rhinestone studded handles to vivid purple swirl handles, these walking canes offer support and make a personal statement. A cane store will have durable walking sticks for hiking, hand carved canes for going to dinner or the theater, and canes that aid those that are seeing impaired. Along with all the cane and walking stick selections, they have an assortment of accessories such as wrist straps, snow grippers, and cane holders.

Assisted Living Catalogs

Help getting off the couch

A list of the best of help getting up

A fashion-conscious store has simplicity in mind for help getting up with the portable couch cane. Place the feet of the durable support under a couch or chair to lift yourself up out of the seat. If you like eating a midday snack or light supper, the couch cane even comes with a swing around tray for the ultimate in convenience and independence. Look for a variety of self-sufficient products such as long handled grabbers, reading magnifiers, grab bars, adaptive kitchen equipment, fitness accessories, and exercise balls.

Home Medical Supply Store

Adjustable bed

A list of the best of help getting up

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep, but in the morning joints can be stiff and just a little sore. To make getting up a little easier, a Hi-Lo bed that adjusts to multiple positions is useful. This adjustable bed can bring you to a sitting position making it easy on your back for stepping out of bed and onto the floor. The comfortable orthopedic mattress soothes sore muscles to prompt a solid 8 hours of sleep. For a great night’s sleep and ease of getting up and around, the hi-lo bed offers the perfect combination. These stores also have electric mobility scooters, wheelchairs, ramps, and lift chairs to help your self-reliance.

Suggested Active Living Catalogs


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