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Holiday Craft Project Supplies to Have on Hand

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 30, 2014
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craft suppliesby Info Guru Angela K. Van Winkle

It’s that time again: time to replenish your holiday craft supply box with all the basic essentials.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned crafter, here’s a list to help make sure you don’t forget anything crucial.

10. Stencils


Stencils make everything come out just right. They are those handy little cut-outs that help you airbrush a particular font of lettering on your Yuletide banner or paint the symbols on your dreidel. If you aren’t a free-hand artist by nature, the right stencils will fool anyone.

9. Glue Gun

Glue Gun

When crafting just about anything that isn’t stapled or sewn, you will need a glue gun. This handy little tool can stick just about anything to anything, and the glue dries clear. As long as you don’t make it too goopy, it should be fairly invisible.

8. Glitter


You know that stuff you’re still vacuuming out of your carpet 6 months after the holidays have come and gone? Well, it also happens to be what adds that special magical shimmer to all things winter holidays. A light dusting of just the right glitter can make your wreath look like it’s been touched by snow (even if you live in Florida!) or your angel’s wings exude heavenly light. Try as you might to get away from it, glitter rules the season.

7. Garland


Garland is a must-have for the holiday season. There are so many varieties to choose from, from strings of autumn leaves, to holly, to evergreen. You can wrap it around banisters, make your own door wreath, use it for wall sprays, and even tie up packages.

6. Needle-Nose Plyers & Wire Cutters

Needle-Nose Plyers & Wire Cutters

Not just for jewelry making, these handy tools are essential for working with any sort of wire, from floral stems to hand-made ornaments, and of course, your holiday jewelry. A sturdy pair of needle-nose pliers and some wire cutters are truly gifts (to yourself!) that keep on giving.

5. Natural Elements

Natural Elements

One thing you don’t want is for your holiday crafts to feel, well, plastic. Try incorporating some natural elements—pine cones, acorns, real greenery, even feathers—to give things a more rustic feel. All of these festivities take place during the same season for a reason, so it just makes sense to make the season a part of your holiday crafts.

4. Pretty Paper

Pretty Paper

Fold it, cut it, glue it, wrap it. Keep a good assortment of holiday and colored paper on hand, and you will have crafting options galore, even if you’re no great shakes at origami.

3. Holiday Stencils

holiday stencils

At some point, you will need to add a personal touch to something for that shouts “holiday” – gift wrap, scrapbook pages, wall decor, even a paper tablecloth for that buffet at work – and fun stencils with winter motifs are just the way to get it done. A collection of stencils is almost as versatile as paper on the list of must-have supplies. And it’s good to make sure you not only have several styles and sizes, but to also collect different motifs.

2. A Good Pair of Scissors

A Good Pair of Scissors

Do not begin any craft project without a good, sharp pair of scissors. I cannot stress this enough. Whether you’re cutting fabric or paper, or find yourself wanting to clip off little wanton strands off your silk flowers, you will find a use for them, and you will potentially become homicidal if your old ones are dull and won’t cut just-this-one-little-thing. Do yourself and everyone around you a favor and don’t skimp in the scissors department.

1. Holiday Music

Holiday Music

You’ve got 32 unique holiday ornaments to make for each kid in your son’s 2nd grade class, plus something cool (you don’t yet know what) for his teacher… and his teacher’s aid. And you have only 2 nights to accomplish this feat. But remember, this is the season for love and light and a giving spirit. It is not the time to let stress take over. Put on some happy holiday music and relax! Remember, you’re a crafter because this is what you do. This is your passion (or you’re learning to make it one). Spread out your supplies, listen to the sounds of the season, and go with the flow.

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