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Home Library Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 26, 2013
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home library ideasContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

A home library is one of life’s luxuries—a place to read, relax, and restore your soul; it is a room dedicated to literary pursuits and the collection of knowledge.

The specific style of your library will depend on your personal tastes and preferences, but here are some ideas to help you make your library stylish, comfortable, and functional.

10. Book Shelves


Any library will require adequate shelving to contain and organize the books. The more books you have, the more shelving space you need. If built in book cases are too formal or cost-prohibitive, you can always find freestanding shelves to house your collection. Consider utilizing a different book case for different genres of books to aid in organizing your collection.

9. Reading Chair

Reading Chair

Bibliophiles can attest that a comfortable reading spot is a prerequisite for any proper library. Consider a reading chair with adequate room to change positions during marathon reading sessions. Consider it a bonus if the chair is also spacious enough for an afternoon nap.

8. Reading Table

Reading Table

Long nights of reading require space for a nightcap, perhaps some reading glasses, or the next book in the series. A reading table provides the perfect place for your literary accoutrements.

7. Reading Lights

Reading Light

Reading can be hard on the eyes; proper illumination can make it a bit easier. Pick a lamp with an adjustable arm to help prevent shadows on the page, and consider a lamp with adjustable lighting levels which allows you to vary the intensity of the light. While nothing can help with the dark circles that attest to a night spent reading rather than sleeping, a dimly lit room can at least conceal the ill effects.

6. Literary Artwork

Book Cover Posters

Classic book covers are an art until themselves. Classic book posters provide a bit of bookish whimsy to a reading space. You can also up-cycle the covers of overly worn or damaged books and frame the covers for instant art. Although not advocating the destruction of perfectly good books, to reincarnate a damaged book into literary wall art is perfectly acceptable.

5. Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

For those who prefer a more traditionally styled library, you might invest in wall hangings or elegant tapestries to lend a bit of old world glamour to your book nook. Wall hangings are particularly appropriate in darker, paneled libraries with a more formal flair.

4. Refreshments


Reading is something of an endurance sport. As such, it requires proper refreshments and rehydration. Fortunately, you can find inspired ways blend your need for sustenance with your need for literary aesthetic. From hidden minibars to the cleverly concealed mini-fridge, a private library need not restrict food and drink from its patrons.

3. Cozy Blankets

blankets at Thristy Towels

Many a book lover has fallen asleep trying to finish “just one more chapter” only to awaken with cold feet or chattering teeth. Help to warm off evening’s chill with a cozy blanket or afghan. Consider investing in several blankets in varying degrees of warmth to suit the changing seasons.

2. Magazine Holder

Magazine Holder

Libraries are more than just books—they are the written word in all its forms. Make room for magazines with a generously proportioned magazine holder to organize the latest literary journals and chapbooks. (You can also keep your copies of more pedestrian magazines there as well—simply keep the more impressive journals on top. We won’t tell.)

1. Books, Books, and More Books!


A library is nothing without books. Include the classics in your collection, as well as the newest up-and-coming authors. History buffs, art aficionados, and reading rebels can all benefit from a well-stocked library.

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