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Best of … home privacy solutions

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 6, 2011
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One of the best of home privacy solutionsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Sweet, glorious privacy; or ‘privassy‘ as our friends across the pond would call it.

Often too hard to find, but certainly welcome when we can locate some of it. With phones that talk to us and computers that seem to anticipate our every whim there seems to be less and less time for us to just … be.

We need some ‘privassy‘ dang it, however and wherever we can get it. As a crucial first step, take a look at some of these alternatives in the best home privacy solutions.

Locks and bolts

Lock it up, lock them out

One of the best ways to protect your privacy is to install secure locks on doors and windows. Keeping strangers out protects your valuables, your personal information and of course, your family. A hardware store has the locks, bolts and security plates you need to make sure the locks on your home are solid. And if you bought the home from someone else, change the locks now! You never know who might have a long forgotten “extra key” out there!


Close out the world

One of the best of home privacy solutions

These are especially valuable home privacy solutions for the vacuum-in-the-nude crowd, which I understand is a larger contingent than the rest of us could or would like to imagine. Don’t understand the appeal, but then it is not for me to wonder why. Beyond the ‘privassy‘ aspect of a set of drapes, they can turn the whole inside of your home upside down, in a good way; like these 100% silk curtains from Half Price Drapes. Actually, ‘half price’ isn’t quite accurate; these are priced closer to 60% off.

Frosted glass windows

Artistic and functional

One of the best of home privacy solutions

Whether you want to keep out the prying eyes of neighbors or gain a bit more privacy inside the home, accomplish both using architectural, frosted or stained glass. Either option will add a touch of elegance, along with the freedom that comes from opaque windows.

Security camera

Keep an eye out

One of the best of home privacy solutions

The best home privacy solutions are those that alert you before someone has gone so far as to encroach upon your personal space. That kind of thing does not fly, not when our ‘privassy‘ is at stake. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn going 21st century in your search for some quiet time is not an expensive proposition. This domed camera is under $60; a solid investment in one’s privacy.

GPS Tracking

Find lost or stolen cellphones instantly

Sometimes privacy isn’t about keeping strangers away at home. It’s about keeping strangers out of your personal information on your smart phone. Think about it…that cell phone you just lost or had stolen contains your contacts, access to documents, photos, video and recordings. In the wrong hands, that could be devistating.

That’s why installing GPS tracking from Live View GPS tracking can be one of the best ways to protect your personal information. Instantly know where your phone is, so you can head back to that restaurant or store, or alert the police so they can recover a stolen phone for you.


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