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Best of … how to fix bra problems

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 10, 2012
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bra problemsContributed by Info Guru Cindi Pearce

When you are wearing a good fitting, comfortable bra that just happens to be pretty you don’t think twice about it because it feels so good that you aren’t aware of it.

However, when you are wearing an undergarment that is too tight or the straps are digging into your shoulders, the under wires are poking you and the elasticity is worn out in the band and you are threatening to spill out, you are going to spend a whole lot of time tugging and rearranging it while cursing under your breath. This is annoying.

The best ways to fix bra problems include:


Long overdue for a change


Stop wearing the bra after its expiration date. Seriously. Throw it away. It has served its time and now it can no longer hold you in and hoist you up. Why keep torturing yourself by wearing it? Check out the bras at Leonisa, where you can find a bra that fits, is comfortable, affordable, flatters you and is something that you are not going to be embarrassed to reveal when you remove your clothing. You can select from bras that push you up or minimize you. Some bras, as well as providing comfort, specifically provide back support or are designed to be worn while playing sports or after surgery. If you are pregnant or nursing there are bras designed just for you and your new big boobs.

No more straps from Hades

bling show off straps

What about those bra straps that won’t stay in place or that cut into your shoulders, leaving grooves at the end of the day or are dropping down onto your shoulder? They are intolerable. When your bra gets some age on it, or perhaps wasn’t a good selection to begin with, the elastic stops working as it should. The straps become stretched out and are too long and as a result your breasts droop. Depending on a woman’s body, her bra straps may slip every time she moves or picks up something. At, you can find a variety of straps that run the gamut from nearly invisible or the exact opposite: Embellished with beads and rhinestones. These straps are intended to be shown off. The straps are a wonderful complement to your outfit.

Woman Within

Don’t suffer to be beautiful

well endowed bra

Woman Within offers a comfort collection, which may be the best solution to annoying undergarment issues ever. Plus Size and large busted women will find beautiful as well as comfortable and durable choices here. Brands is tried and tested. You are not going to be poked or prodded by errant underwires or straps that are too tight or too loose. These bras fit. Don’t give it a second thought after you’re put it on.

Title Nine

Right top, wrong bra

racer back

You want to wear a top or dress with a racer back but you do not have a T-back bra. The answer to your problem is a racer back bra that supports and doesn’t expose.Title Nine has an assortment of racer back bras that eliminate the need to buy a new bra every time you wear a dress that exposes your shoulders.


The woman athlete

sports bra

You are an athlete but are finding that your undergarment support does not do the job for you when you are running. POPPYSports has the athletic bra just for you and it’s actually going to be pretty. You may end up wearing it all the time. These bras are designed to keep you comfortable and dry. Adjustable clasps allow you a custom fit. The straps shouldn’t cut into your shoulders and it shouldn’t ride up on you or fall down.


For the well-endowed

large busted

You are well endowed in the bust department and have never found the perfect bra that gives you enough support while still being comfortable and pretty. Roaman’s has got a list of their top 10 plus size bras to keep you covered. You are guaranteed to be the best “under” dressed woman in the room because you know your bra is chic and fashionable, even though you are the other person that knows that, and it is so comfortable and supportive that you don’t have to worry about front or side spillage.

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