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Best of … how to get to sleep fast

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 15, 2012
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A list of the best of how to get to sleep fastContributed by Jennifer Andrews, Top 10 Guru

Sleep is essential for both a healthy and happy body and mind.

Poor sleeping habits such as lack of sleep, disrupted sleep and poor quality can lead to increased fatigue and stress throughout the day, decreased concentration and memory and a compromised immune system. A common complaint among people who have trouble sleeping is the inability to get to sleep fast. Rather, they may lie in bed for hours but are unable to actually fall asleep until very late or the middle of the night.

Learn how to get to sleep fast by following the tips below to improve your sleeping habits and wake up well-rested.

Underneath It All

Check your mattress

A list of the best of how to get to sleep fast

Your mattress may actually be a large contributor to your inability to get to sleep fast. An old mattress that you’ve had for years or was purchased second-hand may be worn out and offer little support and spring for your body. An uncomfortable sleeping surface will lead to tossing and turning as well as several bodily aches and pains that further increase discomfort and the inability to sleep. Check out quality products such as foam mattresses, adjustable frames and accessories that will help you get to sleep fast.

English Tea Store

Herbal relaxation

A list of the best of how to get to sleep fast

Avoid stimulating activities such as vigorous exercise, work tasks and projects or listening to loud music prior to bed-time. These activities tend to increase your heart rate, blood pressure and make you more alert which decreases the likelihood you will sleep once you get into bed. Calm down your body and mind by partaking in simple, low-key tasks that will relax you and get you in sleep-mode. Try drinking a hot cup of herbal tea from the English Tea Store, taking a warm or hot bath with lavender salts and peppermint oil or turning off the TV in lieu of listening to slow, instrumental music with the lights dimmed. In addition to relaxing you, such tasks will also decrease your stress levels and take your mind off of distracting thoughts that tend to keep you up late at night.

The Company Store

Inviting environment

A list of the best of how to get to sleep fast

Bed-time is much more inviting when you have a cozy and comfortable environment to go to. Your bedroom should be used primarily as the location of rest and relaxation. Avoid doing work projects, using the computer or watching movies in your bedroom as this interferes with its projection as a sleeping haven. If you look forward to going to your bedroom at night because it is relaxing and cozy, it is more likely you will get to sleep fast. Outfit your room with a supportive mattress and bed-frame. Most important are warm, lush bedding sheets, comforters and blankets from The Company Store. You may find yourself longing to get wrapped up in your soft, plush blanket at night which will increase the chances of snoozing quickly.

Stationery Store

Write it down

A list of the best of how to get to sleep fast

Distracting thoughts and worries are frequently significant reasons why people struggle with getting to sleep fast. We are constantly burdened by what we didn’t get accomplished that day, what we forgot to do, what we shouldn’t have done or said and subsequently what we need to do the next day. It will be nearly impossible to sleep – and stay asleep – with a million thoughts racing through your head. Hence, in addition to relaxation activities before bed-time that will help you wind down, try writing down your thoughts and worries in a beautiful hard cover journal. It doesn’t need to be formal or tedious, rather simply write out what is bothering you and possible solutions to those problems; a to-do list of things you can get done the next day; and why certain things are bothering. If you are anxious over a report you turned in at worked that day, write down where your anxiety is coming from – is it because you are worried your boss will not like it? The act of writing out your thoughts can help you move on to sleep mode and get to sleep fast.

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Avoid naps

A list of the best of how to get to sleep fast

Taking naps during the day such as in the early afternoon or after work may be a great way to boost your energy at that time. However, if naps are prolonged and extend beyond a quick 15 or 20 minutes, you risk disrupting your sleep schedule at night. If you get a quality 7 to 8 hours of rest at night, day-time naps shouldn’t be needed. Keep your energy levels up throughout the day with re-energizing exercise like yoga, healthy snacks and social meetings to keep you stimulated and refreshed instead of nap times.

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