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Best of … imported foods online

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 15, 2011
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List of the best of imported food onlineContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

As a fan of all things food, like many I appreciate the efforts of the in-house chef.

Mom, Dad, Grandma; whoever, if they can cook, I can eat. To do it right; there are some foods that require ingredients from outside the borders of our own little paradise (that’d be America).

Now goodies from around the world are as close as your computer, and delivered right to your door; man am I loving the 21st Century. Now I’m starving, so let’s get to the Best of Imported Foods Online before my stomach starts growling.


The sweetest of sweet cream butters

Yes, of course your local grocery store carries something they call butter. But once you taste a fine, French butter, you won’t ever want to call those overly yellow, tasteless sticks butter. And you certainly won’t want to use them in cooking or spread them on your morning toast.

Maybe it’s the happy French cows. Or maybe it’s the fragrant fields in which they graze (no factory farms for the French dairy farmers!) But whatever the reason, the incredible, rich yet delicate flavor of French butter is worth the wait.


The best from Russia

List of the best of imported food online

When we’re talking about imported foods online, it’s a necessity we include one for the caviar crowd (and you know who you are). Of course, any self-respecting caviar connoisseur will tell you there’s no caviar like Russian caviar. At least that’s what my research has told me; I only use fish eggs to try and catch more fish; but I digress. For the finest in caviar, foie gras, smoked fish and assorted other top drawer eats, a gourmet food store is the place to go.

Australian Meat Pies

Handheld treats from down under

It’s the ultimate on-the-go fast food…and probably one of the earliest ones, too. (Take that, American fast food chains!) And an imported food store can get them too you in two or three days, packed safely in dry ice and ready for baking.

Not sure what an Australian meat pie is? Think of a rich stew with tender chunks of meat, all encased into a flaky pastry crust. And all ready to eat no matter where you are…at a picnic, at a game, or as a quick and delicious lunch at work. Yes, I know…stop talking so you can order, right? Got it!

Tea & sweets

British Jaffa cake

List of the best of imported food online

As might be expected from the English Tea Store, they carry a lot of treats from the UK. And since I’m still wiping drool from my chin thinking of those Apple Pommelines, I thought we may as well stay out back in the shade, but with a cup of tea this time around; and the appropriate imported snack food of course. Few things go better with a cup of authentic English Tea than a Jaffa Cake. If you haven’t partook of a Jaffa, here’s what you’re missing – a chocolate covered spongy cake (very light), with a hint of orange bits in the middle. Oh, yeah.

Organic Coffee

Monk’s Mountain Coffee Ground

List of the best of imported food online

While Monk’s Mountain Coffee isn’t technically classified as an imported food online, it is a hand-picked, sun dried coffee bean from a plantation in the northern hills of Nicaragua, so it’s got that going for it. Not to mention it’s a perfect addition to an early morning routine, or sipping during a much-needed coffee break. Plus, ordering imported goodies, is bordering on civic responsibility. If it just so happens performing our civic duty entails sampling Monk’s Mountain Coffee, then I say we sacrifice for the greater good.

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