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Indoor Rock Climbing Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 29, 2014
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rock climbingContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

Indoor rock climbing is everywhere – the gym, the mall, the playground.

Whether it’s on your bucket list or you are on a stepping-out-of-the-box Friday night date, rock climbing is always exciting, fun and great exercise. If you are a newbie, you’ll want some indoor rock climbing tips, but there is always a staff balayer on hand to assist.

10. Stretch Out

Stretch Out

This is one of those indoor rock climbing tips that goes without saying. Stretching before you climb is important to prevent sore muscles, even golfers stretch out.

9. Take a Look

Take a Look

Stand back and assess the situation. Even if you are brand new to the sport, take a look and see if you can identify any routes up that look easier than others. It’s fun to see if you were right.

8. Balance


Rock climbing has a great deal to do with balance. They are intertwined. Knowing where your center of gravity is and having a sense of balance will improve your skills.

7. Stay Close

Stay Close

You may be tempted to lean away from the wall in order to see where you are headed, but the overall goal is to hug the wall with your body – or, at least, it is if you want to stay up there.

6. Relax Your Grip

Relax Your Grip

New climbers have a natural tendency to squeeze the rock hold in their nervousness. This act, however, builds up tension throughout your body and reduces the overall fluidity of your movements.

5. Smooth Move

Smooth Move

Speaking of fluidity, herky-jerky movements, wiggling and hesitation all increase the probability of losing your balance and falling. Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates classes can help with this as well.

4. Watch Your Speed


Some climbers go as fast as a race car; others are deliberately slow. They do what works for them. Pay attention to what works for you. Do you feel more comfortable fast or slow?

3. Take a Break

Take a Break

This is not a race to the summit. If you find a resting spot, take a break. Enjoy the view.

2. Know How to Fall

Know How to Fall

This is one of those rock climbing tips that seems silly until you think about it. Sometimes the “fear” of falling is worse than the actual fall. Try a practice fall or two to overcome that fear.

1. Watch and Learn

Watch and Learn

Like any sport, watch the pros. Heck, watch the amateurs, too. You can learn a lot just from sitting back and watching everyone’s choices and outcomes.

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