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iPhone and iPad Accessories

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 9, 2013
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accessoriesContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

There was a time when the iDevices were so new, there didn’t seem to be any really good accessories to connect them to.

Now the devices have been out among the main stream long enough that there are literally dozens of different peripherals that will make your iOS device all the more fun to use. When going shopping for the right accessory your head can actually begin spinning because there are just so many different choices. That is why you need to have the definitive list of the top ten iPhone and iPad accessories.

10. iPhone Speaker Dock and Alarm Clock

iPhone Speaker Dock and Alarm Clock

This multi-function alarm clock and speaker dock brings you the best of both worlds while charging your iPhone. You can be awakened either with a regular alarm of with music from your iPhone or iPod.

9. Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Headset

We all need a nice headset for our iPhones for when we are out working on the yard or getting our workout on. If you go with a Bluetooth headset you will have the added bonus of listening to your music without having to mess with tangling wires.

8. Kensignton Keyfolio iPad Case

Kensignton Keyfolio iPad Case

If there is one major complaint some people have with the iPad it is that it is hard to get their work done on the touch screen keyboard. Kensington has solved that problem by offering up a protective iPad case that comes with a keypad that connects through Bluetooth. With this case, it is almost as if you have a tiny laptop.

7. iHome Stereo Docking System

iHome Stereo Docking System

The iHome Stereo docking system is a bit of a step up from the alarm clock docking system. This particular docking system is made to be one that you can play your tunes on when you’re having a party, rather than just to get up in the morning.

6. In Ear Headphones

In Ear Headphones

While Bluetooth headsets are worth owning, having in-earbuds can give you better sound quality without being quite so obvious. Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Isolating earphones means that you will get top quality sound for low price. These phones will work with the iPad or the iPhone.

5. iCarpus Car Mount

iCarpus Car Mount

There are any number of different reasons to have an iPhone on the go. Using something like the iCarpus Car mount will keep your iPhone from sliding all over the dash and will hold it up so you can see the screen as well.

4. iPhone Holster

iPhone Holster

When you are on the go, most people will just shove their iPhones in their pockets. That is not the most useful way to carry your phone and if you use the iPhone holster you can simply clip the phone to your belt for easy mobility.

3. iPhone Faceplate

iPhone Faceplate

You may not want to go with the full holster getup but you do want to make sure that your phone is well protected. The best part is that you can get a protective faceplate and case for relatively cheap. There are literally dozens of different designs you can choose from.

2. Fancy Stylus


Whether talking about the iPad or the iPhone, you are going to want a stylus at some point and the Wacom Bamboo Stylus is the best of the bunch. This stylus can be used for creating fantastic drawings or just take advantage of the myriad applications that allow you to use handwriting as opposed to keyboard entry.

1. iCade


The top accessory on the list has just one function and that is to turn your iPad into a mini-arcade console. The iPad slips into this small cabinet and a Bluetooth connection allows you to play a whole host of games with a joystick and buttons you can mash on just like the old days.

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