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Jewelry Design Catalogs

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 27, 2013
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jewelry designContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

I love jewelry. It fits when your jeans don’t.

It doesn’t talk back. It looks good on anyone and makes everyone feel like a million bucks. Price isn’t always the deciding factor; a funky piece of costume jewelry can bring just as big of a smile as a glittery rock on your finger, although carats are always welcome.

10. R. J. Graziano

R. J. Graziano

This hot jewelry design catalog is hot. Even First Lady Michelle Obama sports their statement necklaces and, whether or not you like her husband’s politics, you have to admit that girl has got style!

9. Ross-Simons


The workhorse of the bunch, Ross-Simons is an elegant catalog offering beautiful jewelry for a fair price, from necklaces and bracelets to rings and brooches.

8. Tacori


Known for their oversized fashion rings, Tacori designs are modern and vintage at the same time. Their chunky rings are timeless investments in good taste.

7. Robert Lee Morris

Robert Lee Morris

Organic. Flowing. Sensuous. These are all words often used to describe Robert Lee Morris jewelry. The fluid designs are popular with young and old, Hollywood and Main Street.

6. Judith Ripka

 Judith Ripka

Featuring oversize cocktail rings, cuff bracelets with pave crystals and delicate earrings, Judith Ripka feels that her jewelry should evoke a feeling of luxury.

5. Rolex


Although technically a timepiece company, Rolex deserve mention for the enduring quality and class they have enjoyed over the last century.

4. Heidi Daus

Heidi Daus

To call this designer’s necklaces a statement is an understatement. The crystal-encrusted beauties are known to be over-the-top, especially the “critter” designs.

3. Honora


If you want gorgeous pearls, you go to Honora. It’s pretty simple. This jewelry design catalog is the epitome of enduring class and yet remains on trend at the same time.

2. Jean Dousset

Jean Dousset

As a member of the infamous Cartier family, Jean Dousset’s designs reflect both his diamond heritage and his eye for modern sensibilities.

1. Tiffany


Of course Tiffany is in the top spot. What girl doesn’t want a little blue box of her own? Tiffany is the ultimate jewelry design catalog. Hands down.

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